26 Dec

It was Fraulein Gloria in the Billiardszimmer with the Seil

Christmas was a basic affair here with the kids tearing through the presents first thing yesterday morning and then playing ALL DAY LONG. Two of the neighbor kids have practically lived here yesterday and today. Between our two families there was no shortage of things to build, games to play, and baby dolls to be fed and dressed.

Zavi's a

After a yummy dinner tonight of leftover turkey, green beans, mashed potatoes and rotkohl, our nuclear family played one of the many new board games. Zavi proclaimed it as the best game ever! We’re playing again tomorow 🙂 (probably before breakfast, if he has any say).

5 thoughts on “It was Fraulein Gloria in the Billiardszimmer with the Seil

  1. My son was looking over my shoulder and asked me to ask you two things. First, where did you get the dinosaur pjs – dino pjs are his favorite. Also, what board game is that, we don’t recognize it.



  2. Is your husband like mine? Does he make a little spread sheet of all the questions each person has asked, thus quickly determining many undisclosed details? (We’ve got lots of new games too. Blokus is very fun.)

  3. Yay, we played this too (though it was not a present, but brought by a brother’s girlfriend), and it was a lot of fun. Must be an older edition, where there are still “people” and not these cone-like things. And if you had the source of that dinosaur pyjama… I’d get one, just in case 😉

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