24 Dec

Christmas Projects that Grew

I’ve always liked the look of wreaths made of gingerbread men or leaves (Martha has made a few lovely ones over the years). Last year I decided that I should make one, but with fabric. Brown felt and white rick rack would look great, but I’ve been in a use-what-you-have frenzy for the last six months or more, and I’m all about the scrappy, lots-of-fabrics look. These guys have had a low priority, so they’ve spent most of December laying on my sewing room floor in various stages of disarray. I finally finished them last night and hung them on the door this morning (Christmas Eve). I guess I should have done a little measuring somewhere along the way because the wreath turned out pretty big! They’re stuffed with scraps too, so it’s a rather weighty wreath as well.
Big Gingerbread Wreath

TS&WGH likes the “Mr Bill” guy at the top. I love the fabric on the guy below. Note that I’ve used yet another scrap of my favorite Kaffe Fasset dotty fabric on the gal next to Mr Bill. I think it looks a little fruit-cakey.
My favorite

Another holiday inspiration came from Heather Bailey.  I made 100 red yo-yos about two years ago but lost interest in the project before I did anything with them. I’ve used a few over the years, so I estimated that I probably had about 80. That sounds like a lot, but a lot of yo-yos go a little way, so just to be safe, I decided that I needed off white yo-yos to flesh out my garland (again with the not measuring or counting). This has been my take-along project this month, and once the tree was decorated in glitz and mushrooms, the mellow color scheme looked pretty blah, so I wasn’t in a hurry to finish it. Half-way through sewing the garland I realized that 80 wasn’t such a small number after all, but now that I had a purpose for the yo-yos, I wasn’t going to quit. I don’t know how long the garland is now, but it will definitely cover our tree next year.

Mere fraction of the verrrrrry long yo-yo garland

And finally, astute bloggers find lovely vintage fabrics at thrift stores, or receive neat packages in the mail. Me, not so much. Now that I have stated that I’m not going to buy any new fabrics, only used or cast off ones, I get bags of left-overs from little old ladies. Not the vintage tea towel and linen kind of old ladies — noooooooo. The double knit house dress kind of old ladies. I gleaned a bit of jersey that may have Fasching costume potential, and some lining fabric from this batch, but I still have this colorful pile of stretchy knit fabric with a high synthetic content.

Ugly Fabric

I’d be more receptive to this pile if it had some natural fiber in it and wasn’t stretchy. I’d like the sheets I’m sometimes gifted, but usually they are the super cheap ones with a thread count of about 10 (that’s why they are being given away; duh!).

If anyone has any creative idea of what could be done with this pile I’d love to hear it. I’d even be willing to share some or all of this with any interested parties — if there are any interested parties. Splashy house dress anyone? Anyone?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Projects that Grew

  1. What about gifting it to a Thrift Shop? If it were cotton it would make a wonderful scrappy quilt but unless you are into retro 70’s clothing (and even then it’s pretty bright!) I can’t see what you’d do with it. Hang onto it until it comes back in style??

  2. A friend of mine uses leftover polarfleece to cover old pillows (keeps them out of the landfill!) and gives them to the dog shelter for dog beds. Your colorful poly would work just as good! I suggested that she could also use those cheap foam bed toppers from the discount stores instead of pillows, which might make them easier for the shelter to launder.

    -I enjoy your site. Thanks for sharing with the world!

  3. Hoo boy! Recycling isn’t always easy, is it? The only thing I can think of is rag rugs. Maybe braided? Maybe crocheted? (To avoid needing a loom.) They would wear like iron. You might be able to fold the strips so that only the back of the fabric shows.

  4. Naw, I’m not down with those fabrics 😉 but you’ve got some good ideas from the other commentors.

    Those gingerbread dolls are cute cute and cute! Have fun during the holidays and peace to you and yours!

  5. Hi I have found those stretch fabrics are great for binding; eg. edging a worn bath mat , bags, aprons & small gifts. They wear forever. The bright colours would be great for childrens gifts.Jan in Australia.

  6. If I had that pile of fabrics, it would be wrap it in a brown paper bag and leave it at some pubolic place, hoping the police would find it and blow it up!!

    Hope you hada merry, merry day. Love the gingerbread guys.

  7. I’m with Gerrie on the fabrics! I love the yoyo garland. If you would email me your address I think I have some more of the gray/pink house fabric and some others that are cotton and I would love to share. I really enjoy your blog and your art work. Have a happy New Year – Cheers!

  8. I’ve seen more than one quilt made with stretchy, double-knit fabrics. Not exactly “authentic” but very warm and practical. Would make good donated quilts for some animal organization that needs warm beds for the pups and kitties. And organizations that provide warm sleep gear for homeless folk would probably be thrilled with a nice, heavy double knit quilt. Would wear like iron and be really warm and washable.

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