16 Jul

Farmer’s Market

We went to the KCC Farmer’s market today. I love the idea of farmer’s markets, but don’t seem to get out to them much.

The crowds don’t help. I was on a mission though and filled my bag with all the goodies that I can’t get at our nearby grocery (which does, by the way, carry much the same local produce!). I bribed the kids with ginger lemonade, and we came home with a bottle of syrup to make our own too — yum!

I also bribed them with Ono pops. Click on the photo to see all the delicious flavors. Today’s special flavor was chocolate covered strawberry. The guys said they made it for Valentine’s Day and then made more this week for the wedding of one of the founders.

We think they should make them all the time!

One thought on “Farmer’s Market

  1. ACK! Makes my mouth water, and it’s 6:23AM. Yes, K’s Ono pop looks yummy!

    So what did you make for dinner with your goodies?

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