22 Dec

Last Minute Gifts

This has been the “it’ll happen when it happens, if it happens” season. The boxes with gifts for the immediate family got to the post office one day after the “it’ll get there by Christmas” deadline. The cards weren’t so lucky. They went in the mailbox today. They should arrive in time to usher in the New Year though. Favorite decorations got put up, but after they spent three days blocking our entry hall, I admitted defeat and the two boxes with lights and garlands went back into the basement, unopened. We did, however, manage to bake some cookies in the last week and delivered plates of homemade goodness to our neighbors last night.

This afternoon I reserved a few hours with my kids (ages five and eight) to make a pair of last minute gifts for their friends. I like the idea of them creating something themselves instead of getting caught up in buy, buy, buy. I’m also fine with limiting the gift giving to just a few of their very closest friends. I don’t want to burn the kids out either. And I’m pretty sure these two friends will appreciate their handmade gifts.

I asked each kids to draw a picture to make into a softie. They chose the fabrics and embellishments, assembled all the bits, and stuffed the toys. I took care of the sewing. I’ve let the kids do the sewing in the past, but it is painfully slow and I had a raging headache his afternoon, so I took the shortcut of doing the actual sewing myself. My son beat me to the punch pointing out that a zig-zag stitch would be perfect for the teeth on his monster. My daughter chose the fancy stitches for the “heart girl’s” skirt.

Softie toys designed by my kids!

As we were able to “whip these up” in an afternoon, I’ve decided to include them in Whiplash’s December/January competition in the GIFT category. Merry Christmas!


7 thoughts on “Last Minute Gifts

  1. Very cute. I saw that done for an art show. She had kids draw monsters and there reproduced them exactly and showed them with the drawings. One drawing had detailed instructions on it. I was wishing I had thought of it.

  2. Very cute little gifts … and a nice tradition too. My mum used to always ask (well, demand, more like) hand-made gifts …

    in that spirit: have yourself a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I love reading your blog, so inspiring, especially since you are a mother-of-two, just like me.

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