10 Jul

Star Baby

I enjoy making baby quilts. They can be anything I want, and they’re not too big — so they go relatively quickly. I enjoy using fun, cheery fabrics I don’t usually use in my artwork, or in decor for our house.

Star Baby

When I found out that a high school friend’s daughter was having a baby, I knew I wanted to make a quilt. Something “fresh and modern.” Here was my excuse to go buy hip fabric! Then I remembered the mushroom fabric I had bought because it was too cute to pass up, and the polka dots I envisioned for an ongoing paper piecing project but that didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Perfect!

Star Baby

I decided that liberated stars would work well with my two fabrics, show off the mushroom print well, sew together easily, and look appropriately happy and youthful. I used the last of the wool batting (that I have a love/hate relationship with) and paid special attention to smoothing, but not pulling, using lots of pins, and keeping my fingers crossed. I removed a lot of quilting, but still ended up with some tucks on the back. Puff and I are just not meant to be. But…. who doesn’t love a light, squishy, baby quilt?! I quilted it in a simple grid to begin with, but then decided it needed some sparkle with silver holographic thread on some diagonals. Then the stars needed outlining. Then more outlining! Now I had too much white grid, so I picked some out.

Star Baby

In Goldilock’s words, it’s just right. Definitely worth the extra time and effort. I think I make nice mitered corners too.

Star Baby

9 thoughts on “Star Baby

  1. Oh my gosh, it’s adorable! I always struggle with what colors to make the quilt, if you don’t know if it’s a boy or girls ahead of time, and this is perfect! I really like the design of it all, too.

  2. i feel compelled to make quilts of a certain size, but my first baby quilt went terribly quickly and happily last week. so i might need to recalibrate my size tolerances every so often.

    such a sweet quilt! i love those stars.

  3. I never used wool batting so I can’t comment on that but it certainly makes it look soft and ‘huggy’.

    And I just finished a quilt with red binding… love it!!

  4. LOVE the polka dot fabric, and the stars are adorable.

    I think these smaller quilts keep us exercising our creative processes!

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