20 Dec

Kim Family Auction

I have donated a wall hanging to the Kim Family Benefit Art and Craft Auction. The auction was created by the blogging dynasty of Gerrie and her daughters and is in response to the unfortunate death of James Kim. I was touched as I followed a corner of the blogging community (who knew the Kims personally) through their concern when the Kim family first went missing. It surprised me to find that TS&WGH was following the story as well, not through the crafty blog world as I was, but through the San Francisco tech world. The internet has indeed made our world smaller. Though our family has been fortunate, I know a little about the spectre of loosing one’s spouse unexpectedly and so I wanted to help Kati Kim and her daughters in whatever small way I could. Please check out the growing display of art and crafts and participate in the auction if it moves you.

Lisa explains it:
Welcome! We are happy to announce an online auction of fine art + craft to benefit the family of James Kim. Over 40 different artists have contributed auction items in a wide range of media. You’ll find paintings, prints, ceramics, soft toys, jewelery, paper goods, home decor and more. 100% of the auction proceeds will go to the Kim Family Fund. Bidding will begin January 3rd and end January 7th. Please check back here for a preview of the auction items in the coming weeks.

We want to thank the contributing artists and the online art and craft community for this opportunity to help the Kims.

Our best,
Lisa Congdon, Stephanie Barnes, and Gerrie Congdon

3 thoughts on “Kim Family Auction

  1. K- What a wonderful response to such a tragedy. (Living just north of San Francisco, I paid close attention as it developed.) I just checked out the auction website and was truly impressed with the wonderful donations created by such talented artists. Your quilt is absolutely beautiful, and its California theme is perfect for this cause. You make me wonder if I have anything worthwhile to contribute to the auction even though I consider myself just to be a quilter, not an artist like you.

  2. We also followed this very sad story, although from yet another perspective. We now live in Oregon and have increasing respect for the state’s rugged beauty. Kristin, your contribution is perfect.

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