29 Jun

My Next Career

Check out this gorgeous dress!

No, that’s not me with an awesome tan, that’s our friend Malia (stage name) who my daughter and I used to take hula lessons from. She is providing the entertainment at her brother’s graduation party and needed a new dress to dance in. Since I sew, she asked if I could make this for her.

It still needs a hem and some minor adjustments, but it turned out so beautiful I had to share. The funniest thing is that, whereas I would test a dress by approximating the hight of heels I might wear with it, or whether or not I could sit in it, Malia tests a dress by how well she can sway side to side, or crouch low and point her feet out in a “hela uehe” movement. This dress (McCalls 5100 — sadly out of print) does all that and more. Malia is convinced that her aunties and friends will love the dress so much that they will all come clamoring to me for their own dresses!

So, if the art quilting thing doesn’t work out for me, perhaps I could make custom hula dresses.

P.S. Here’s two photos from last year of Malia at her “day job” dancing at Germaine’s Luau:

Germaine's Luau

Germaine's Luau

P.P.S. I ordered yarn….

7 thoughts on “My Next Career

  1. Gorgeous… it is a shame that pattern is out of print. Two questions: where did you find the lovely fabric, and what kind of fabric is it (stretch knit, etc.)…?

    I have so many clothing projects lined up for myself, but I Never seem to find time to work on them.

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