23 Jun

Up Next

Thank you so much for the commiseration on my Amish Drag Racing jelly roll quilt. For a quickie quilt, this has turned into a rather laborious project. However, long-time reader Judy has come to the rescue with a solution that made me smack my forehead with the proverbial “Duh!” I was stuck on not wanting to cut anything off of my half-square-triangle border, and completely missed the fact that I could easily ADD. So, I have re-wet the quilt and smoothed it out so there are no more unsightly stretch marks. When it dries I’ll repair the broken stitching and add a big, plain, border to act as a kind of frame for the wonkiness. THAT will be neatly squared.

Next up on the design wall is a baby quilt for the daughter of a friend. I was all set to use the quilt as an excuse to buy some new, fun, fabric — and then I realized that I already had adorable mushroom print fabric and big, grey polka dots that didn’t work in my original plan for them.

Happy Stars

I’m liking this.

And, because I’m a schizophrenic quilter, while I am making a cute, modern, baby quilt, I am also contemplating a new apron for my Army Wife series. It was inspired this morning by a Navy Wife in my kickboxing class. She was giddy this morning with the news that her husband was coming home sooner than expected — which of course then became stress over how best to prepare for his arrival (lose weight, get her hair done, clean the house, etc.). She definitely doesn’t need to loose weight, and her hair always looks great, and I told her that just being there at the airport for her man was gift enough. She said she’d gotten a new dress for the occasion, but was that too much? No way — not too much. Which then leads me to think of a Welcome Home apron, all gussied up for the big day. Yup, I think that needs to be added to the queue.

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  1. i’ve been thinking a great deal about your new apron inspiration. this is an instinct we all know well, although to different degrees. i love your guidance to your friend, but wonder how many go to extremes. the more i consider it, the more complex it gets.

    have a great weekend!

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