17 Jun

Be Strong

I gave a hint of this, the latest installation in my series, “The Army Wife,” a while back. I thought I was done, but something wasn’t quite right. I wasn’t sure what it was though.

Luckily, I have some very good online friends who I respect, who will give me their honest reactions to my work. They pointed out a few things that didn’t quite work for them either. Ah, now I could put a finger on it.

I bought more yarns, removed and completely re-did the original ties, and removed the red writing after all. I am much happier with the apron now. And so now I can share it with a wider audience.

“The Army Wife: Be Strong, Always” 2011, Kristin La Flamme

With service members deployed so often and for so long, with the dangers inherent in the job, with frequent moves undermining traditional support systems, it it imperative that military spouses be strong — ALWAYS. It’s not written, or said out loud, but it is assumed and expected.

11 thoughts on “Be Strong

  1. Wow! I need to see this in person. I see strength, but it is a fragile strength – not quite holding together perfectly. Of course!

  2. Incredibly moving piece–the series cries out to be exhibited. En Masse. powerful statements and the collected series more than sum of its parts. If I were designing, I think I’d put this piece to be seen first, out front of all. Wow.

  3. I am loving the crocheted bits you worked in. Are those new? Also the cheese cloth hanging off the bottom… so excellent. I think the words are much much improved… Great job. It’s so fascinating to see a piece develop. And let me just say…

    that is a lot of French knots.

  4. Wonderful, Kristin, and very powerful. The “be strong” part, ok, almost anyone can do that, but the “always” is herculean. Your use of aprons to express these statements about the intersection of domestic and military life is brilliant and poignant.

  5. I’m really loving this series Kristin, and I agree with Linda, it should be exhibited somewhere. Isn’t it a great feeling to be working on a series and have ideas that need to be said in more than one piece.

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