18 Dec

We interupt the Christmas program…

…for a crafty interlude.

When we went to the Heidelberg Weihnachtsmarkt I forgot to get a gift for the little girl we visited in Nürnberg. I decided that instead of going out shopping again, I would just make her a softie. After the great success of the freebie Bitty Booties pattern, I decided I would give the Wee Wonderfuls freebie a try. The bonus was that I could make a bunny for my niece as long as I was at it, AND use the reject quilt as fabric.

Wee Bunnies front

I know I’m probably the last one on the block to make these (just wait till next year, when I finally get around to making Stephanie’s cone trees!), but they are really cute, and a breeze to make. Check out the raggy tail I added to the gift bunny. The other one has baby-proof felt eyes and no tail.
Wee bunnies back view

There’s plenty more quilt left to chop up, so my niece won’t get her bunny until I make a few more coordinating goodies, but our wee five year-old hostess loved hers and she and Katja played bunny mommies all weekend.

5 thoughts on “We interupt the Christmas program…

  1. I just wanted to thank you for the glimpse of Nurnburg market. How wonderful and you reminded me of the tradition that I haven’t kept up with nearly enough-gluhwein. My Oma taught me to make it and it was probably my first real taste of wine(hic) I’m off to the store ofr wine and the makings..thanks Kristen-Merry Christmas, I wish you and your family a delightful celebration.

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