09 May

And Now For Something Completely Different

OK, maybe not COMPLETELY different. But, I’m taking a break from my “Be Strong” apron while I wrap my head around what I want to do with it’s ties, and wait for an opportunity to go to Fiddlesticks which is full of good stichy supplies (I have problems with making single trips for anything — I finally returned overdue library books today because, after several weeks, I had two other reasons to be on post where the library is).

Antique "Brick" Quilt

I’m also procrastinating working on my next 12×12 piece, and about a bajillion household related things. Much time is spent staring at the computer waiting for something exciting to happen — like the computer entering all the recipes from my old computer and outdated program to the new(ish) shiny ones all by itself. Or giving my website a facelift automatically too. That would be awesome. I’d settle for it filling out quilt show forms or entering data into my checkbook.

Scrap bins

My cure for procrastination? The scrap bin. Anything I do with it is an improvement, and little brain power is required. My grand plan is to grab bits from my bins (already color-sorted), sew them together, and cut the “new” fabric into rectangles so I can make a scrappy version of my mom’s blue and white brick quilt. I’ve tackled the blues, the purples (lots of those!) and the blacks and whites.

Scrap bricks for Achromatic

I had enough just from the blacks and whites to make a whole quilt, when paired with a fun white fabric I had set aside for the alternating bricks. I have about the same amount of purples too, so I’m thinking I’ll pair scrappy cools with scrappy warms instead of scraps and solids, to make a second, related quilt. Chromatic and Achromatic. And look, less than a trashcan of teensy-weensy scraps left over.

Achromatic: Not quite working

I like the idea of a secondary shape or pattern showing up, so I used a different fabric for one quarter of the solids. It’s way too dark though. Yet, it matches the pattern on the white fabric, and, since this is a scrap quilt, I’m not going shopping for new fabric.

Achromatic: Much better

I toyed with painting white designs on the taupe fabric, but just moving the lightest bricks to that quadrant made a heap of difference. This is why it’s so important to move things around and look at their relationships. I had actually set out to make the bricks in a zig-zag pattern, but I didn’t like the way it was looking and so moved on to the Trip Around The World layout. Upon reflection though, I think I’ve figured out the zig-zag and will apply it to the next brick quilt.

Achromatic: Done

It probably needs some sort of a border and maybe triangles or spikey shapes top and bottom, but I’m going to let that wait until I get to the Chromatic brick quilt so they can be the same size. Now, it’s back to the stuff I’ve been procrastinating.

Achromatic: Detail

17 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different

  1. Imagine my surprise to see my vintage quilt at the top of your post! I’m sure it is still in the linen closet where I left it a couple years ago. I love the way you have used the design as an inspiration to get rid of scraps.

  2. I absolutely love this quilt. It is so graphic and yet, the taupe corner makes you pause and look closer. I would love to know where you purchased the cream insect fabric. It is fantastic. You know how “they” talk about the power of the mind? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could think about all those mundane chores we all have and presto! they are completed!

  3. I totally agree with the notion, “I will not buy new fabric!” We purchased the original fabric because we liked it, now is the best time ever to USE it!

    I loved seeing you work thru your design!

  4. I didn’t see it coming in the lead-up photos, but the last few pictures remind me of the digital camo used in the military. Your mind kind of flickers back and forth between seeing the overall camo pattern, and seeing the small-scale pixels. It’s really cool!

  5. I really like what you are doing with the taupe fabric and the way you are making the values work for you in unexpected ways. Very nice!

  6. WOW – what a clever way to put scraps to a good use! I love it – seriously. So much, that I might consider to try your method with my own scraps. If you don’t mind?

  7. I really like it! you have inspired me. What are your blocks stuck to on the wall? How do they stick there? Do you have to pin them? Then, how do you keep them straight when you sew them?

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