02 May

Common Threads

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that a bunch of my landscape quilts inspired by my time living in Germany will be part of a group show in Prescott, Arizona. Why the Prescott College Art Gallery at Sam Hill Warehouse? Primarily because my sister is a teacher at the college and has been for the last decade or so. I feel like I have a teensy tiny connection to the place.

Also in the show are Jane Waggoner Deschner, Patricia Gould, Betty Busby, and Marjorie Durko Puryear. I can’t wait to see everyone’s work in person. I will be at the artist’s reception on May 27th, and then my sister and I pack up all the kids for a western adventure.

2 thoughts on “Common Threads

  1. That’s exciting-congrats! For a moment I thought you were using a phrase my dad used to always say -” What the Sam Hill…”. Then I realized that was actually the name of the place!

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