23 Apr

Sugar High Me

Inspired by a photo and brief instructions in the newspaper, my daughter and I made marshmallow treat “sushi” and musubi. It’s my concession to Easter in some strange way (the colors and Peeps, I guess). (Though we were in the neighborhood of Leonard’s Bakery today and they had Hot Cross Buns, so I got those for Sunday. We ate the malasadas already.)

Peep musubi and makizushi.

I even pulled out the sprinkles to try replicating my favorite nigiri-style spicy ahi in sweets.

More marshmallow sushi

As long as we had Peeps in the house (a very rare occasion), I pulled out the never-used edible markers and made a couple into Pokemon. My clever son dubbed them Peepachus! He made one too, and my daughter just dressed up a Peep bunny.

We’re on a sugar high this weekend.

10 thoughts on “Sugar High Me

  1. LOL! I guess this is what happens when the parents don’t give their children any religious training. Those are the cutest Easter treats ever.

  2. Very cute! I also saw rice crispy treats formed around plastic eggs with treats inside. Maybe the American version of Kindereggs?

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