23 Nov

The Un-Thanksgiving Thanks Giving Post

I came home a few days ago and was completely overwhelmed by a full house, kids bouncing everywhere, all horizontal surfaces covered, and bathrooms needing to be cleaned. A whirlwind of tidy-ing ensued, followed by a bit of introspection. What was I thinking to expect that the cleaning fairies would arrive in my absence and do all the chores I hate doing? Why shouldn’t my MIL and SIL put off the same things I do? So, I’ll chalk my disappointment up to unrealistic “reintegration” expectations, and focus on what I AM thankful for and appreciative of:

A MIL and SIL who are willing to travel over 3,000 miles and nine time zones to care for my kids while I indulge in “professional development.”

Peace of mind that the kids were well cared for, fed, schlepped to (most of) their activities, clothed in clean duds, and generally loved.

Parents willing to meet me half way so we don’t have to wait years between visits.

My sister’s healthy pregnancy and wonderfully supportive partner.

A patient and supportive partner of my own.

His brand new toy 🙂

And how excited he was to finally drive it home!

And, so that I can add more photos, I am thankful for the knitting help my sister gave me. Look, two times through the wash turned this:

into this:

(It didn’t seem felted enough the first time through, but now it’s shrunk so well that it only just fits my big ole wallet. I’m definitely making another, bigger, one though — now that I have the skills.)

Blogging deserves thanks too. I am very lucky to have met many wonderful, inspirational, and supportive peers through blogging, and to even get occasional goodies! Like these from Moonstitches — I admired her little mushrooms (of course) and she threw in the text-y fabric knowing that I’d like it, based on blog comments I’d made:

Since we have each been home less than a week TS&WGH and I have decided not to bake the usual turkey dinner and invite all the neighbors this year. Instead, we’re taking it easy and will have dinner at our favorite local haunt where we are greeted like Norm from Cheers and the food is always plentiful and good.

Brauhaus, Leimen

So, I’m going to appreciate what I do have, and not worry about what I don’t have, and be very thankful that we are a whole family once again 🙂

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  1. Hi Kristin, I haven’t had the time to read on my favorite blogs lately and I’m so happy to catch up with yours! I just love the baby quilt! I’m sure the baby will too! I wish I could have joined you this year at Art Tahoe. Are you going again next year? I’m glad you ate out for Thanksgiving. Sounds like you made it a stress free and loving holiday. It’s nice to read what you are thankful for. It always me have a more thankful heart to read about others’ graditude. Cheers!

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