21 Nov

What (else) I did on my US vacation

After Art Quilt Tahoe, my mom and I headed to Arizona to attend a baby shower for my sister. My dad met us there, as well as one of my sister’s friends who’s been part of our extended family for at least 25 years. It was great to see everyone, and to meet my sister’s “Mann.” I won’t post the group photo, but in the spirit of consistency, I’ll post a picture of the peach cobbler we shared on our night out!

We stayed at a rental house which belonged to the parents of another of my sister’s friends. It reminded me of the house I spent the first half of my childhood in, and my great grandmother’s house. I was ready to move right in until we noticed that another similar house, was for sale right down the street. And, it was a more appropriate size for our family. Too bad, it’s not terribly realistic for us to live in this particular town. I’ll share some of my favorite details from the rental though, if you’ll humor me.

I loved the cabinetry in the kitchen. 1920’s details really appeal to me.

Kitchen Tchotchki shelf

And I just about fainted when I saw the ironing board in it’s own little cabinet! My parents’ first house had one of these:

Ironing board cupboard

Our rooms had lovely windows, and antique quilts too! I think they came with the house.

Eight pointed Star quilt

I don’t know about you, but I love the funky tile in old houses — the more pink and black, the better, although turquoise and black is nice too. This house didn’t disappoint. I wouldn’t dare change the tile in this bathroom (although the wallpaper might have to go)!

Bathroom Tile

The house had a deck with a pretty nice view too:

Arizona View

Since my sister is an excellent knitter, I decided to have her translate the pattern for Mason Dixon Knitting‘s Buttonhole Bag for me. I was pretty sure I could make this with my limited knitting skills, but I don’t know how to read patterns. She must have done her job pretty well because I had this completed before we left:

Buttonhole Bag, pre-felting

I’m felting it now, as I type, so the completely finished pics will be in a later post.

However, The real reason I was in Arizona was not for knitting tutoring, but for my sister’s baby shower. The details of my gift are in the previous post, but here is the quilt, with a pair of supercute felt “elf” booties I made from Heather Baily‘s pattern (another baby at the party threatened to leave with the booties on his feet), and a bunny pull toy I bought at a flea market and later found out it had belonged to the kids of a quilt group acquaintance.

Quilt, Booties and Pull Toy for Violet

Here’s the expectant parents snuggling under the quilt:

Erin and Jason under Violet's quilt

Yesterday, I made the long journey home. Pheonix to Chicago, Chicago to Frankfurt, ICE train to Heidelberg, and two streetcars home. The best view of the trains in the cavernous station was about halfway down the escalator, but as I was unwilling to drag my luggage up and down the escalators to get the perfect shot, here’s a merely acceptable one to give you an idea of the brand new station at Frankfurt airport and the slick express trains inside it:

ICE train in Frankfurt

And now that I’m home (and so is TS&WGH), and all my projects with deadlines are done, and my photos downloaded, emails caught up and laundry done, I need a nap! (Housecleaning can wait.)

5 thoughts on “What (else) I did on my US vacation

  1. It was a wonderful, jam packed 12 days. My favorite part was having my daughters together; especially at this exciting time.

  2. Ahhhh! I know how happy you must be feeling right now. When does the new car arrive. I want a photo!! Have a lovely Thanksgiving tomorrow – err, you are probably well in to it by now.

  3. What a lovely, lovely quilt! And to think that you were “here!” So close! Being a Northern California girl at heart I appreciated all the Tahoe talk, too. Sounds like you had a marvelous trip.

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