18 Apr

Cherimoya Sherbet

In my continuous quest to eat as much locally grown or produced food as (reasonably) possible, I cut out a likely sounding recipe from the newspaper. The description of Cherimoya Sherbet sounded good and not too exotic. I also figured cherimoya would be one of those fruits I’d be likely to see at a farmer’s market and not know what to do with it.


As luck would have it, my quilting pal Jason had a cherimoya he wanted to pawn off on someone. Perfect timing!

Cherimoya innerds

My lovely assistant helped smoosh the fruit pulp through a sieve and stir in the rest of the ingredients.

Then we poured it all in the fun ice cream maker ball grandma sent for Christmas.

Rolled it back and forth for a while,

And now we have a delicious fruity sherbet (more like frozen yogurt, I think, but that’s OK since the kids love soft serve frozen yogurt right now).

Bring on the cherimoyas!

5 thoughts on “Cherimoya Sherbet

  1. I remember standing at the side of the road in Ecuador eating cherimoya, with juice running down my arms and chin. Maybe the most delicious fruit I’ve ever eaten! Frozen sherbet would be divine, but eaten out of hand is hard to beat too. And the seeds are kind of cool too. I wanted to bring some back and drill them for beads, but wasn’t allowed to carry them into the country.

  2. Actually, Grandma was there when an ice cream ball was introduced at Prairie Camp last summer, but I think Auntie Betsy took the hint and gave it as a Christmas gift.

  3. Mom: I had this nagging feeling in the back of my head that the ball was from someone else, but I keep connecting it to you because of the summer camp.

    Gerrie: it has that sweet/tart tropical flavor, but adds a bit of creaminess to it. It’s probably closest to papaya in it’s texture but maybe more like lychee in it’s flavor.

    The yogurt took center stage in this recipe, so I’m curious to try a less- or non- yogurty concoction. Of course, as a liker of frozen yogurt, this does work for me.

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