17 Apr

Early Sunday

Sorry, no art quilt or craft content today, I wanted to cheer on a childhood friend at the Lanikai Triathlon this morning. She’s a personal trainer on Kauai and brings her ladies to Oahu each year for this event. How could I not make the short drive over the mountains to cheer them on?

Zavi waiting for the runners

The kids played in the sand as the sun rose and we waited for the runners near the finish line. We watched as the canoe club launched their outriggers and rowed off into the sunrise. Very pretty.

Daughter's fourth grade teacher makes good time.

The first runner I recognized was not my friend Stacy, or any of her Boot Campers, but my daughter’s teacher! Go Mr. Robertson, go! I made her say hi to him later, and now I’m chaperoning a field trip on Tuesday — that’ll teach me (actually, I like school field trips, so I willingly agreed).

Stacy finishing the Lanikai Tri.

Next came Stacy. Apparently I missed one lady who came in before her. I’m not really sure how I missed another one of those hot pink tanks!

Another Boot Camper finishes!

And one, by one, more Boot Campers crossed the finish line (I did get good close-up photos, but they’re for the runners).

Stacy congratulating one of her ladies.

Stacy is such a great team leader, with high fives and big hugs for everyone. Three of the ladies competed as a team and won medals too.

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