13 Apr

Medallion for an Army Family

Medallion for an Army Family

I may have mentioned that I have a long-term vision for the Army Wife apron series. Maybe I didn’t. Eventually, I think they need to go in a gallery. With big, bed sized, quilts on the walls. One would be “War Sucks” from whence the aprons sprang.

Medallion for an Army Family

Another would be this one I’ve been excitedly working on in the background. I wasn’t sure if I should share it with the general public, but the show I plan on entering it in doesn’t seem to mind, and I just can’t contain myself. It seems like Medallion quilts are everywhere. Maybe I’ve just been in tune with them because their traditional roots work so well with my military life theme. Anyway, I got caught up in medallion frenzy and this one just flowed from my hands (in my typically slow and wonky way).

Medallion for an Army Family
“Medallion for an Army Family” Kristin La Flamme, 2011, 75″ x 80″

21 thoughts on “Medallion for an Army Family

  1. ooh, would be interesting to see this one in person (lucky people getting to go to the show) to see all the details. especially the left side. Is that fist holding on to an American rocket with flames bursting from the bottom, or grasping the house by its roots. knowing your work, I suspect the latter, but can imagine both.

  2. Love, love, love this piece…and if you do finally get that show, can we arrange for it to be somewhere in the contiguous 48 so I can go??? SOOOO want to see this one in person.

  3. Hi Kristen,
    This is just terrific! I just saw Michelle Obama and Jill Biden on The View talking about support for military families. Thinking of you and yours.

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