21 Nov

Art Quilt Tahoe Wrap Up

I’m finally home from my whirlwind US trip. Here’s what I didn’t get a chance to post about my week at Art Quilt Tahoe.

More from our lunch excursion to Lake Tahoe. The water was so still you could see the pebbles at the bottom. It always amazes me how clear the lake is:

Clear Lake Tahoe

There was even a rainbow:

Good Omen

This isn’t the wonderful berry cobbler we had that day. I think it was a lunch dessert from the day before. I noticed that Gerrie hasn’t posted it, so in the name of cooperative blogging, here is a berry mouse cake, or something like that:

raspberry Mouse Cake

The next day, the sun shone again, making interesting patterns on the window shades. It’s a little quilty, no?

On the second to last day (I think) we had a mexican buffet — with the best flan EVER!

Like silk, it was!

Because I was there to improve my artistic skills, here’s proof that I was doing more than eating and sight-seeing. Although I didn’t like the original fabric on this one as much as the first, and it didn’t come together as easily, I worked hard and, in the end, I think it is the better composition.

Quilt Top 2

From the leftovers I pinned together a small composition, which TS&WGH calls a “big postcard.”

Big Postcard

And I made another very small quilt from more bits. The working title on this is “Windows.”

Windows Quilt

In case you missed it on Gerrie’s blog, here’s the very last dessert, a creamy mousse in a chocolate cup. Mmmmmmmm:

Mousse in a cup

The last thing I did was to hop in the car with my mom, and drive to Reno, NV for the second half of the adventure. I tried to get a picture of the wooden railroad sheds meant to protect the rails from heavy snow, but all I could manage from the highway was a scene slightly evocative of the gold rush and westward expansion:

Cal/Neva scenery

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  1. I just love the fabrics you have made and what you have done with them. The desserts alone would make that week worth the trip. Not to mention the scenery. We went through the Lake Tahoe area on our trip last month and I thought of all the quilters who gather there and learn so much. Unfortunately, we were in a bit of a hurry at that point and went sailing right on by. Maybe next trip we can stop and see the lake at least.

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