12 Nov

I’m in Heaven

I am in heaven! Before I actually started at Art Quilt Tahoe, I got to have dinner with two of my moms (the third is at home watching the kids, which is yet another thing to love). On the left is my quilt mom, Gerrie, and on the right is my real mom. My two moms

Here’s our dessert, since Gerrie didn’t bring her camera to blog it:

Dessert with the moms

Last night was our Welcome Dinner, and I didn’t bring my camera to blog it. But, look what we woke up to this morning! It’s so nice to be all snug in our conference rooms creating and just enjoying the lovely scenery.

Today, our instructor (also a Gerrie) let us loose with paints and mark-making tools, to include the tjanting which is normally used for batik. We just made marks on fabric and then tomorow we’ll tear it all into little pieces and start patchworking. Here’s my output for the day:

I saw a house theme emerging, so I went with it. I’m not sure where I’ll go with it. I’m curious to see what will emerge tomorow. My workshop is called The No-Plan, Spontaneous Quilt, and it is definitely that!

Tonight’s dessert may look familiar to Gerrie’s faithful readers, so i may switch to lunch desserts, or just stick to the classroom goodies!

Dessert, Day 2

9 thoughts on “I’m in Heaven

  1. Yep, not having to drive back and forth to the workshops is a good thing in this unpredictible mountain environment. I look forward to future progress reports and the Tuesday night viewing.

  2. Since I haven’t made it to your classroom, let me just say that your work is fabulous. Guess I’ll have to make my way downstairs to see it in person!

  3. oooooh… i could live with not seeing all the beautiful quilts. i also could live with not having that wonderful sight or not to be able to walk around in the snow – but you shouldn´t have shown the desserts……….. O.O
    NOW i´m jealous!

    the pics are great, i just love the landscape picture! can´t wait to see snow here…
    have fun & make something beautiful to share with us 😉

  4. uuuh – snow! That only adds to the cozyness of your room, huh? 😀
    I love the house theme – hmm.. wonder where I saw that house before? grin.. gorgeous encorporation! From the picture it sort of looks like a city on fire to me, partly scorched and partly still glowing from all the burning half-timbered wood inside the structures.. lol.. I´m sure other people see other things though..smile
    keep posting, I´m not having as much fun as you but still plenty just reading and watching ;-}

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