10 Nov

Art Quilt Tahoe Warmup

I made it to Lake tahoe and will check into the hotel tomorow for my AQT workshop. In the meantime, my mom and I stopped by to check out the work from the first session, and to take blogger Gerrie out to dinner. I’m excited now to start the workshop after seeing what everyone has been doing, and saying hi to friends from last year. I hope I can sleep tonight ;-). Dinner was wonderful! We went to the River ranch Lodge on the Truckee river, which I know from my childhood as the place where you have to get out of the river and return your rafts and canoes. I’d never been inside though. It was a lovely old place with a typical lodgey feel and we enjoyed drinks by the big fireplace before dinner. Our table was right by a window overlooking the river rapids. By the way, dinner and dessert were delicious, but I didn’t bring the camera cable (thinking my very electronically up-to-date mother would have one) so desert du jour pictures will have to wait until I can poach equipment from Gerrie, or get home. Close your eyes and imagine a wonderfully chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and fresh berries…….

2 thoughts on “Art Quilt Tahoe Warmup

  1. glad you made it over there alright – I bet youĀ“re all excited and giddy šŸ˜€ CanĀ“t wait to hear all about the workshop! Hey, I bet one of the other quilters has the cable you need for your camera! Until then, we just have to drool over GerrieĀ“s pictures of the desert du jour and other wonderful things from the AQT ;-} That does NOT mean youĀ“re off the hook and donĀ“t need to post, ok? grin.. so get stepping.. lol..

  2. Welcome home Kristin! Hope you have a great time at AQT…and yes, we want lots of blogging with photos, so pirate away Gerrie’s cable if you must!

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