28 Mar

Mahalo and Danke Sehr!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. And for coming back and reading again, and for commenting. Thank you for writing your own inspiring blogs for me to read too. Thank you for encouraging me in my endeavors. And thanks for including me in swaps and challenges. Without such enthusiasm and interaction, I would never have had the opportunity to be a part of Twelve by Twelve, and certainly would not have had chance to co-author a book!

So, to say Thank You, Mahalo, or Danke Sehr, I am giving away a copy of said book, Twelve by Twelve: The International Art Quilt Challenge. And as an added bonus I’m including this cute little fat quarter bundle of Hawaiian themed fabrics* I picked up while on the Big Island last week.

I’ve been contemplating what I would like readers to do to win this fabulous giveaway, but then I decided that just showing up is more than I ever asked for when I started this blog. So, leave a comment — maybe about your favorite quilts, or maybe about a memorable place you’ve traveled to, or perhaps a project you’d like to try. Really, any comment will do. I will randomly choose a comment on Friday night (Hawai’i time) to receive both the inspirational book, and the fun tropical fabrics (no joke!). It’s like a big fruity drink with an umbrella, but without any guilt!

*Longtime readers (and maybe short-time readers too) have hopefully figured out that I run a rather scattered blog here, bouncing from “serious” art quilts, to forays in contemporary patchwork, to kid-centric cute and craft, and all with a healthy dose of travel and cultural exchange. So, it should come as no surprise that, although there’s no modern pink hawaiian anything in the Twelve by Twelve book, I still find it appropriate to include some local style kawaii in my giveaway. If anyone is curious, the top fabric is a typical graphic hibiscus print, then there’s the pink colorway of the same cute fabric I used to make pajama pants for my nephew last Christmas, and then a pink version of palaka (plaid) historically used in plantation workers’ shirts, and on the bottom is another graphic floral, this time on a white ground.

29 thoughts on “Mahalo and Danke Sehr!

  1. How fun to share, I love looking at your creativity, and you don’t have a bad husband either…IBOL is one of the best things ever, and he was inspired by the quilting women in his life…you among them. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog, especially the posts that delve into your creative process. thanks for the chance to win a copy of 12 x 12!

  3. well, hhhhmmmmm….
    I love books and quilts and hope to someday make one! right now I just watch…
    My daughter Allie has already made 2!!! in her sewing class – and I feel that her talent is large if un tapped.
    So – in the name of our favorite green ogre movie “pick me! pick me!”

  4. Well, I’m not sure I have anything interesting since my mind is in tax-related overload right now! But I will say, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen pink palaka before! I did just find some red palaka squirreled away, though & I plan to add some in my corners!
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy of your book!

  5. What an outstanding accomplishment!! Oh how I wish that I knew to go to fabric stores for hawaiian textiles the one time I visited Maui.

    All I can say to excuse my behavior is that it was my high school graduation present and I went with two of my friends who had other interests. But we did have lots of adventures: our rental car broke down only 1/4 mile from the top of the volcano, the next day we drove the replacement car along the highway to Hana but missed the turn-off for the seven sacred pools even after driving literally ALL day long, and let’s just say that I had a very nervous flight back home because my friends brought back a certain dried herb that they had purchased from some random guy at a park. I was uber goodie-two-shoes and was convinced that I was going to jail. Thank goodness it was a regular flight without any trouble. 😉

  6. I feel like I should be sending YOU a thank you gift. Kristin, you have inspired me for years, not just with your artwork, but your ability to be a wonderful Mom, wife, Army wife (the two are different), and member of society. You have made me think about how lucky I am that C is here, safe and I do not have to deal with day to day things alone. I applaud you and thank you. Your artwork is not recognized enough and I hope in the future, this will change. My favorite is your rooted series. It really speaks to me. Thank you and have a wonderful week. Hugs.

  7. Thank YOU Kristen, for all the great reading and inspiration you provide. Doesn’t matter what the topic is, you always have something interesting to say!

  8. Thank you for sharing your husband and IBOL with us. It is so encouraging to see such giving people. I am a pack rat and IBOL is helping me share some of the goodies! AND thank you for sharing a chance to win this book.

  9. cute! I love the local cute fabrics! I rationalize that its a good thing to not be too consistent in fabric choices. As I tell my kids every single time I make them eat something new, you don’t know until you try, and tastes change. So I have a big wacky stash with a lot of different kinds of fabrics, and I love them all!

  10. I’m a LaFlammeaholic, and there’s a Twelve by Twelve step book hot off the press!

    Seriously tho, I feel like your Mother. I’m so stinkin’ proud of you, your talent for juggling and your humble attitude about it all. Then throw in that goof of a heart-of-gold-husband with his whacked-out sense of humor and 2 shiney children…I dare ask for more.

    Thanks for the opportunity Kristin, I’m honored to be entered for the chance. I’m happy to say, “I knew her when…”.

    As we say at my house, “Love you, LOVE your show!”

  11. Thankyou for writing a blog worth coming to. Much of my travel these days is via google earth or international blogs. I did live in Rabal in Papua New Guinea when I was a child but it breas my heart now to think about it because it is under meters of ash. I find the twlve by telve work inspiring because it opens my mind to different possibilities.

  12. I am a longtime lurker on your blog and the 12 By 12, love the way you bounce. Your work is very inspiring and following all the 12 by 12’s has taken me places in my fabric fun I never would have thought of on my own. Its the what if that i love. Thank YOU! Bev Longford

  13. I love reading your blog – the mixture of topics, places, materials, style, etc. make it great. I have been collecting fabric to make a quilt inspired by your Fliegenpilz III for a while now – can’t wait to start!

  14. I really like it when you show your art pieces about being an army wife, especially when you show your design process. That POV and metacognition about the situation is really needed.

  15. Kristin,
    I’ve been following your blog since Germany days. And of course the 12X12 website too. I’m not a very consistent commenter on blogs but do appreciate all those people who take the time to share their art work with us all. I use my own blog as a journal. I often go back to it to look up how I did things. I guess it’s a product of working the the computer business. I find it impossible to journal on paper and I’m not much good at using sketchbooks either. My journey to textíle art is down the domestic route. I learnt all these needlework skills from my mother and to a lesser extent from my grandma.
    You always amaze me at how much you manage to pack into one life. An inspiration to those of us who moan about not having enough time for our art.

  16. Congratulations on your 12 x 12….well deserved…. fantastic work and you are
    an inspiration to quilters!

  17. I’m a long time lurker also. I arrived at your blog when I was looking for quilting/art inspiration and I love the glimpses of life that you share and the countries you write about.

  18. Ohhh! Would love to win this prize! I check in often and love your creative ideas, both in the quilting world, the art quilt world, and in stitching up a new dress or skirt or bag. You rock!

  19. Love how you explore and let everyone know about neat local sites. Of course, I enjoy quilty posts too which is what origianlly brought me to your posts while you were still in Germany. The Hawaiian Scottish Festival and Highland Games will be this weekend at Kapiolani Park. There will be bagpipes, entertainment, highland dance competition with dancers from Scotland, Australia, Canada and the mainland. Scottish athletic events, good food, clans and fun. It’s free too!

  20. Hi,
    I’ve been following your website since Germany too. One of the things that I love about all of the sewing projects you post whether quilts, clothing, bags or anything else is that they always have an unique style that is yours. I know by just looking at the 12×12 quilts all together which ones you did. For me that is the sign of an artist: an unique look and use of materials and colors that is identifiable.
    Personally I have yet to settle upon a style – I will continue to strive and achieve that.

  21. I love your blog very much. You inspired me to make “wonky” quilts. I think you have a very unique way of choosing colors. The book looks wonderful. Thanks for the giveaway.

  22. dang! If I had known there was a Hawaiian fabric giveaway included I would not have bought the book earlier…..LOL just kidding!
    by the way I do love the personal tour of Hawaii we’re all getting here after all those Germany tours…..

  23. Always enjoy your blog. Your mushrooms got my attention to begin with and then everything you make. Congrats on the book…that is sooo cool!

  24. I am thinking of making a memorial quilt for my boyfriend’s grandmother after her son (his uncle) was murdered this month. I’m still trying to process things, and I think a quilt with his clothing would help me do that.

    Thanks for a great blog to steal, erm, gather ideas from!

  25. Kristen,
    I have enjoyed your blog for a while now and you have inspired me to return to quilting. Enjoy your accomplishment–you certainly have earned it!!

  26. I like that your blog has diverse subjects. I do the same thing.
    My favorite quilts are scrappy quilts and the pineapple fits right in there, although I don’t think I’d have the patience to make one.

  27. I am a regular reader. Your projects area always inspiring. I have particularly enjoyed watching the Aloha Pineapple quilts unfold on your blog. Congratulations on publishing your book!

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