27 Nov

My Obsession

The Fliegenpilz. I’ve developed a love for these ubiquitous red and white spotted mushrooms. Moonstitches was offering up fabric a while back on her blog, but it was the tiny mushroom clothespins I loved. She sent a few to me recently, and now they are very happily living on the top of my thread rack along with my Fliegenpilz darner.

Pegs and darner

In thinking about what I would do with these pegs, I decided that I needed to go with this theme in my “sewing room.” This weekend I made a patchwork cover for my ironing board (it desperately needed one) using my red and white dotted fabrics.

Then I moved on to mushroom pincushions from this book by Léa Stansal. (Better pictures from her Val d’Argent exhibit on Redwork in Germany’s blog than mine.)

Pages from Léa Stansal's book

I’m participating in a pincushion swap and decided that it would only be fitting that I sent my partner a mushroom-themed package. She said she likes felty, Japanese crafty, Martha-y stuff, so I made her a straightforward mushroom pincushion and a felt needle book. I added the mushroom buttons I got at the Sticheleien, little mushrooms to add to flower arrangements or your Christmas tree, and of course, German Christmas chocolates.

Pincushion Swap

Then, because I couldn’t leave well enough alone, I had to make a pincushion for myself. Mine is a little more over-the-top French with it’s lace and crinkly gold stem; plus my various pin attempts add to it’s ecclectic-ness.

My pincushion

Martha even has a mushroom craft for the season. They called these “praktische pilzkunde” which I think means something like “the easier mushroom to hunt.” I’ve heard them more often called “Glückspilze,” (or lucky mushrooms). You’d call someone a “Glückspilz” like you’d call someone a “lucky duck” in English. My knowledge of them is that just about everyone has plaster ones in their gardens next to their gnomes, and that they are considered good luck symbols and show up in things like this. Speaking of gardens, I found these cute clogs while surfing. And these little muffins look pretty yummy. OK, that’s enough. Gotta get back to my real life now.

6 thoughts on “My Obsession

  1. You really are in ove with those, aren’t you?
    “Praktische Pilzkunde” could be a book’s title about mushrooms but certainly is not a name for the “Fliegenpilz”…. odd.
    What a nice pincushion swap package!

  2. those spotty mushrooms are so cute (but of course they’re not good to eat…) — I love your pincushions and the clogs! I had some little mushroom candles a couple of years ago, but I think I gave them away. If they turn up, I’ll be happy to contribute them to your collection!

  3. gotta love Fliegenpilze 😀 When we go mushroom hunting in late summer I always have to remind my kids that they are pretty to look at but not to touch – what a shame! The certainly are the cutest out there – and I swear that I´ve seen little Folk hang out underneath them.. he he..
    great pincushions – I´m sure your swap partner will love it and appreciate the Weihnachtsmandeln.. hmm.. they are soo good 😀

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