31 Oct

Happy Halloween

Yup, Germans are not afraid to celebrate Halloween. It seems each year there are more kids Trick or Treating, and more decorations to be put up. Not that I have a problem with this. I remember LOVING Halloween as a kid. My sister and I would belabor over our costumes the entire month of October (I really hope my mom enjoyed it as much as I do now). I’ve been a bat, a fly (same hat), a frog (ots of papier mache and flipper feet if I remember correctly), a carrot, numerous rabbits, and many others I can’t even begin to remember.

With all of the hullabaloo about safety I have put less emphasis on the whole Halloween thing, but I still love making the costumes. When we lived on post, it was easy to Trick or Treat only at the houses where we knew people. Then I didn’t feel so hypocritical about the whole “taking candy from strangers” thing. Now that we live off post, there’s just not a big Trick or Treating crowd — at least not like I remember in the States. We do the costumes for Fasching though and I love it when I can get double duty. I wasn’t about to add costumes to my list this year, so Zavi happily wore Sonic the Hedgehog again and Katja donned the witch costume her aunties wore for many years.

Sonic the Hedgehog


Nonnie, we do still have the cute black hat with attached orange yarn hair, but Katja wasn’t convinced that witches should have pumpkins on their hats, and besides, her hair was ALREADY witchy colored. 🙂

So, this brings us to the next PARTY. Yup, if I’m not posting about fests, then it’s about parties. (Or so it seems to me.) Zavi and his bestest buddy wanted to have a Halloween party. How could I say no if it was going to save me from having to schlep the kids onto post for Trick or Treating when we don’t even know anyone living there? A couple of other moms helped out by bringing food and drinks. I supplied the house and entertainment. Yesterday, the kids and I took advantage of procrastination and scooped up a tissue paper ghost garlans, paper lanterns and Jack o Lantern plates at 50% off. We cut bats out of paper (very inspired by Little Birds: Handmade). Add last year’s black net with silver ghosts pinned up as a drop ceiling in our entry and a vallance in the living room, and the kids deemed it in the spirit.

So, here’s a not-terribly artistic picture of some of the bats which infested our entry and living/dining room:

Gone batty

The food was mostly sweets and chips. The kids gobbled the mini pizzas with olive-slice eyes and bell pepper mouths, but the real winners were the mini-Dickmann spiders and layered Jello “potion” with gummi worms inside.

Icky food

Keeping nine 8-year-old boys and three girls from tearing apart the house and each other was a bit of a challenge., but I managed to entertain them with the usual party games. I’ve noticed that the kids have gotten very sly with Pin the Tail on the Donkey (and variations thereof) and feel for where the previous tails have been placed. We pinned the features on the Jack o Lantern hoping for a Picasso type look.

We certainly got it! I noticed that after the blindfolds came off the kids periodically re-arranged the pumpkin throughout the party. Now it has twiggy chicken legs and laughing “eyebrow” eyes.

Of course we bobbed for apples. You can never go wrong with kids and water!

The best game however, was wrapping each other up like mummies! They finally had to slow down a bit, and actually worked hard on their wrapping technique.

When we were done, they continued to entertain themselves throwing the equivalent of 12 rolls of TP around my living room. It looked horrible, but was actually pretty easy to clean up, and was definitely worth the distraction.

Now that it’s all over and cleaned up, and the gouls and cowboys have left my house, and I’ve had a beer, I’m feeling pretty good about allowing a party in the midst of an already too busy time of my life. Too much sugar not withstanding, I think we will all sleep happy tonight.

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. sounds like great fun! since I just now got done cleaning up (didn´t feel like it this morning at 2 am when I finally went down) I´ll see if any pictures from last night turned out – my camera was acting up.
    Cool Mini-Dickmann spiders! Isa wants a white one now.. lol

  2. Yep, Halloween was always a craft event at our house. For you, nothing was impossible. It looks like you had a great party.

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