07 Mar

Aloha Pineapple Quilt Along: part 6


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It’s been a few weeks since the last check in and everyone except me has been very industrious.

Today we talked a bit about borders. Borders are an interesting thing. Many a traditional quilter thinks that a quilt is not complete without a border. And many quilts are not. But borders are not always necessary. With our traditional Pineapple Log Cabin design, borders are a nice way to enhance the colors, frame the design, and add a little size if needed! I brought examples of quilts with no borders, plain borders, thin and thick multiple borders, borders of half square triangles (since most of my students are already familiar with this block), and piano key borders. My idea in presenting all these options is to get us thinking about what we each want for the next step in our project. Our next class is in two weeks and I’m excited to see what ideas (and fabrics) everyone comes back with after mulling this over for a while.

I’ve been very lethargic, and not made any blocks.¬†However, Deb and Kathleen previously of one block each, now have quite respectable piles!


Deb is aiming towards a slightly smaller 5 block by 7 block quilt with a large border. She loves the hawaiian laua’e design and has featured it strongly in her fabrics, so I thought it was natural to showcase the design in the border. The white fabric is what she had on hand to test the idea. She’ll be shopping around for the perfect fabric — maybe a yellow one….


Kathleen is going to push herself to make the intended 63 blocks. Here’s what she had last week, and she had twice as many today, so we’re confident she’ll make her goal. She’s got a nice watery feel going on here, like a tank of tropical fish.


Jason is powering away on his 8 x 10 block Ode to the Aloha Shirt. He’s over half way there. We auditioned multiple borders for him. He likes the way the butterscotch border extends the pineapple design, and we’re excited about the possibilities of the turquoise fabric that he’s used for his block centers. I could also see a wonderful, scrappy piano key border on this one with more of the shirt fabrics.

Katie’s jewel of a man quilt is progressing as well, but I don’t have any new photos.


Lynne stopped by for a few minutes but didn’t stay to sew, so I’m not sure where she stands. Though, last week she was having fun using cute little bunnies and kitties in her centers! Her quilt is going to be such a warm and wonderful gift.

3 thoughts on “Aloha Pineapple Quilt Along: part 6

  1. It’s so interesting that they all just look so different (and really beautiful!). I’m not keeping up too well, but I still grab a little time here & there. I have 16 completed now so I figure I’m 25% there. It’ll probably be August I figure before I’m done, but I’m not in a hurry!

  2. I’m doing them liberated style, instead of paper piecing. So fun! I will send yu a picture, if you’d like, but i understand if not because I’m sort of off roading it. It will be interesting to see what develops!

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