26 Oct

I did it!

No quilt content today, even though I finished two quilts this week. I should be able to post pretty pictures after Sunday, so you’ll just have to wait.

On to the business at hand: voting. As an American living overseas I vote by Absentee Ballot. I received my materials weeks ago, but as I can be a major procrastinator, and I hate reading all the horrible legalese about why a certain candidate or measure is worse than another, I naturally put it off. When I finally looked at my ballot a few days ago, I saw that it was for the 2004 presidential election, NOT the 2006 mid-term election. (Conspiracy to keep me out of the voting process?) With an average of 10 days needed to mail something through the military postal system to my PO box here, and another 10 days to return my ballot to my home state, I figured I wouldn’t be able to rectify the problem in time.

TS&WGH to the rescue! — he informed me of the Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot. I had registered in a timely fashion, so I could just print out the form, cast my vote and the envelope will go to the post office later today. It should reach the proper authorities before the deadline, although I have my doubts that Absentee Ballots are actually counted anyways.

Now the fun part. I’m going to lay it all on the line. TS&WGH and I had a conversation last night about bringing balance back into the US government. He made the point that there can’t be balance if the parties are essentially the same. Case in point: if the Democrats are so gung-ho about stoping Republican hawkism, then why didn’t the Senate Democrats rally together in 2003, when the think-tanks were predicting that war in Iraq would only stir the hornet’s nest not quell it, and vote NO on the invasion? (I suspect they didn’t want to rock the boat just before the ’04 elections. See how well that worked?) As usual, my husband is right. As long as I have been a voter I have been frustrated. I think that politicans in general are slimeballs, and I hate that I have to choose between the lesser of two evils.

When I regstered to vote in 2004 I declined to choose a party affiliation. I was impressed by the Green Party’s platform synopsis in the voting materials that were sent with my ballot back then. Of the information submitted, it was the most well-formed, susinct, and addressed the issues that were important to me. I didn’t want to “waste” a protest vote then, but I’m willing to do it now. I voted Green across the board. There, I said it. I don’t care if you respect me in the morning or not. I’m going to affect a regime change (at least in my little voting record). So, these people are grassroots, they are not polished public speakers, they have little experience in big politics, and they don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of getting elected. But, if we want change, we’re going to have to think outside of the box. I want to send the message that I’m tired of business as usual and all the arguments over who’s lies are worse than who’s. I’m ready for someone who’s fired up and ready to try a different tactic. Hey, since my voting Democratic for so many years hasn’t changed much in Washington, I’m ready to try something different.

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  1. I always respect you no matter what time of day..You have given me something to consider. I wrote Gerrie a note this morning discussing the very things you mention and getting a perverse giggle out the front page of the NY times this morning blasting the RNC for it’s disgusting muckracking tactics this go-round. These are the people who are supposedly standing for “family values”, whatever the hell that means to them currently is unclear to me. They have used smutty, racist, lies to try to win, (not that Dems don’t do the same sometimes. Scare tactics from the scariest people. Nearly a hundred young people dead this month-it’s unspeakable. When this started I said to my husband “I smell another Vietnam” the smell lingers on…Thanks for the take on the green party. I shall look into this more. I hope people will start to pay attention and speak out. I also hope you don’t get a lot of crap on your blog because of what I said….If so please feel free to deleat me. I understand. Other bloggers have been blasted for their opinions so stand by to be in the path of the storm….

  2. It takes alot of “eier” to say what what you said – as well as all of your political commentary. Yes, I read your blog for the quiliting content – but i find your perspective on US politics fascinating due to your personal situation. I live in the DC area, but as a bleeding heart liberal that works in theatre I am a small voice (really how many lawyers and politicians are concerned about the arts?) Voting green does not hurt! (just more americans need to believe that their vote is never wasted) Look at what it did for Austria – the party is only 20 years old and has grown at great strength – In Vienna it is the party in second, not last ( i think) – would have to look that up to be certain, so don;t quote me on that. Okay enough of that…back to work 🙂

  3. hey, do you think that if more americans actually knew that there are over 100 different parties they can choose from and not just 2 they would vote for them????? Maybe so.. lol.. too bad about 90 % don´t have a clue – they need to educate them in high school I think!
    I always go on that if you don´t vote you don´t get to bitch and groan about who wins or doesn´t so I think no matter how you vote (almost no matter.. lol) you are doing the right thing. As you know our system is a bit more confusing but also a bit more fair in some aspects and allows for different combinations of power. I usually enjoy giving my 2 votes (depends on the election) to the green party because I believe in the values they stand for and our “yellow” party which is mainly composed of business, education, science and research oriented people because I believe that we need progress to stay at the top of the food chain and make our country better as well as good business thinking to keep us in the market.
    So you´re not alone 😀 The funny thing is that I have been voting since I was old enough, always vote no matter what and never know who I am going to vote for until I put my little X on the ballot.. lol.. I am just always sure who I am NOT voting for! I despise extremists, no matter the affiliation.
    Can you believe that my 18 year old didn´t run to cast his vote although he is now old enough??? I´ve been talking until my lips have been hanging down in strings of beef jerky but he says he´ll vote next time. I told him that if the US government does not change I don´t want to hear a single yep out of him! lol…
    So I guess this just goes to show you that Quilters are Voters.. grin.. but maybe you´ve just been biased by the beautiful green fabrics you´ve been using in some of your latest work.. Oma´s Weizenfeld? he he.. just kidding – I think it´s a great vote.

  4. Kristin!! I will forgive you for this in this election, because I think that it won’t make much of a difference. But the Green Party and Ralph Nader gave us Bush in 2004. They handed him to us on a Silver Platter. We wouldn’t be havng all this angst if not for the shortsightedness of those who voted Green for President. In other races, I don’t have a problem with it.

    I agree with you and TS&WGH about the inane way that the Dem’s rolled over when so many of us were out here screaming that it was wrong to invade Iraq and would be a fiasco.

    Now, back to this election. If the Dem’s can’t pull off a win in both houses of Congress, I think it is time for a viable 3rd party – perhaps the Green party. I long for a strong progressive party that holds my values and is not afraid to stand up to lobbyists and big money interests, and that really represents the regular people of this country. The Dem’s can go the way of the Whigs, as far as I am concerned. I am thrilled that Barack Obama is considering a run in 2008 – anyone , but Hilary. Hey, I got an e-mail from him yesterday!

    So, I am glad that you voted your priciples. I just hope that not too many people in Ohio, Tenessee, Pennsylvania, etc. are doing it this time around. Who am I to talk. I once voted for the independent candidate, John Anderson. Who was he?

    John B. Anderson, a ten-term Republican Representative from Illinois, ran for president as a moderate independent in 1980. Campaigning for the National Unity Party, Anderson had broad appeal, and exploited public dissatisfaction with the two major parties and their candidates, incumbent president Jimmy Carter and Republican challenger Ronald Reagan.

    I then got a bumper sticker that said: “Don’t blame me, I voted for John Anderson!” In 1980, I was a mere 42 years of age.

    Well, this is way more that you wanted to hear from me today.

    Hangeth in!

  5. Wait a minute. Are you saying that for this upcoming election, the US government send you a ballot FOR THE 2004 Presidential election? I’ve read your entry over and over and that’s how I read it (or is it that you misplaced the current one and can only find the 2004 one?) … If that’s right, then I’m astounded. No wonder our elections our so screwy, if they’re sending the totally wrong ballots to people overseas! Truly, is that what happened?

  6. I always vote, usually by absentee ballot … and I remember one election year when despite requesting the paper work on time, my husband didn’t get to vote because the Wahlamt messed up. I was soooo upset, it was the year Schroeder won by a very slim margin (had the media ever looked into this, we’d have had our Florida right there!).

    I remember a lot of talk about how absentee voting was so complicated and fraught with mistakes the last time ’round … because most non-military absentees vote Democratic and my American Women’s Club was super-active then, getting people to vote. Boy were we shocked when we saw the results!!!

    Voting is important! And I always ponder that same question that you just pondered. Do you vote strategically? Or do you vote for who speaks up for you? I go back and forth on this … and change my mind every single time!

    As for Election Thursday, I’m really interested to see how this works out … I am so sick of GWBush … his condescencion (spelling?), how he laces everything with his religious beliefs … his puritanism. To me, the US should be the leaders of the Liberal World … they are not! And with Bush so much less!!!!

  7. What we have certainly doesn’t seem to be working…your post left me with much to consider..thanks for taking the time to share your views..

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