21 Oct

Progress at Last

First off, Quiltstadt is back at home after it’s weekend in Michelstadt. I layed it out on the bed just to see what it looked like. It’s very busy next to our  painted dressers and under Traumwald. It would look better with  Fliegenpilz I I think, and with white dressers (yeah, I’ll get right on that).

Quiltstadt on the bed

Here’s Fliegenpilz I, FYI:

Fliegenpilz I

In the meantime, it’s activities like this that make art-making possible:

Reading in a fort

Katja made the Höhle all by herself and then she and Grama snuggled up inside to read. While they were doing that, I put together a fused quilt in the same genre as Foggy Morning in Czesky Krumlov, and Staufen Vineyards. OK, it wasn’t JUST while they were reading, but having grandparents here to distract the kids has given me the extra time I needed to work on this, and others.

Heidelberg Schloß

For comparison, and so you don’t have to search my archives, here’s Foggy Morning:

Foggy Morning in Czesky Krumlov

And here’s Staufen Vineyards. This has to be one of my all-time favorite little quilts:

Staufen Vineyard

Today, my hero is neighbor G, who spent the second-to-last-day of his two weeks R&R from duty in Iraq playing not only with his kids, but mine as well. He had them all day long, so I had a chance to finish designing/fusing this one:

Heidelberg Tor

Although my pictures of the older quilts doesn’t show them quilted, they are. In fact, they are in the German city of Halle this month celebrating the city’s 12,000 year-old existence. The two Heidelberg quilts need to be quilted though. It will be by machine, so I hope to sit down and do that when my mom and step-dad return from their weekend exploring Brugge and Amsterdam. I have one more quilt, Fliegenpilz II which is so close to done, I’m not showing it yet. I also managed to get 25 fabric postcards fused to Timtex. They’re not close to done yet, though, because I need to do some machine and hand stitching on them before adding their backs and “binding” them. Whew, what a lot of work. I can finally see the rug on my sewing room floor, and I think there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I do still need to gather supplies for AQT and get them mailedso I don’t have to take scary looking paints on the airplane with me.

9 thoughts on “Progress at Last

  1. Is one of those a piece that you started at AQT? You are making great progress. So glad that another Grandma comes to the rescue. Lets hear it for Grandmas!! When do you leave for the states?

  2. K- The houses quilt looks great on your bed! I hadn’t seen most of the other quilts you posted — I absolutely love them, too! Makes me want to come to Germany to see them all displayed at the Burgoise Pig!! (pardon my poor spelling…) Congratulation on your beautiful and amazing collection of quilts reflecting Germany.

  3. Awesome – I finally get to seem them all – wohoo! 😀 Love the new one as well – I can´t wait to see them in the gallery in Heidelberg!
    What would we be without grandmas??? I would be hopelessly lost without Omi!!!

  4. Wow. Gasp. The colors and composition of these quilts are really striking. Congratulations on completing so much fabulous work this week. You’re obviously in a zone.

    I would love to see you post on how you quilt the fused tops. How you secure so many small pieces.

    I’m also in the process of doing some ATCs using Timetex. I find it very difficult to handsew through the thickness of the interfacing. I’ve been mulling over other approaches to creating the ‘top’ and then attached it to the Timetex. Anything you want to post about your construction process would be much appreciated!

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