16 Feb

Aloha Pineapple Progress


Project Introduction here

Part 1 (supplies) here.

Part 2 here.

Part 3 here.

Part 4 here.

We are making progress. In order to make a lap/crib sized quilt with 63 blocks in ten weeks, we estimated that we should be making ten blocks a week. That should give us some time to add a border and finish up the quilts. We’re not exactly on schedule (myself included) but we are all picking up speed and confidence in making these blocks.

And, I remembered my camera this time!

Lynne has a bunch of small prints she’d like to use up. She also has a recipient in mind, who would like this softer palette instead of a bright one like mine.

Jason is happily cutting up all his Aloha shirts. He had a revelation that though he loves them very much, he’ll be able to enjoy them more as a quilt than hanging in his closet where he never wears them. Look closely and you’ll see that he’s also arranging every other four block set so the corners meet with the same fabric. It will add a secondary focal point to the quilt and the bright block centers.

Katie chose black for a man-friendly quilt. Her rainbow inspired color combinations are showing up beautifully against the black background!

Kathleen and Deb are showing off their first finished blocks. They were both slow to get started, but now they’ve got the hang of it and are sure to return next week with piles of finished blocks.

Now I need to go make some more blocks and catch up with my industrious students.

3 thoughts on “Aloha Pineapple Progress

  1. Looking good! I like Jason’s idea with the aloha shirts. My husband has a closet full, mainly Reyn Spooners, that he recently told me to get rid of since he’s retired & rarely wears them (shorts & tees or golf shirts are his uniform now). I told him I was going to cut them up for a quilt!
    No progress for me this week. I’m almost finished piecing a queen size quilt & worked on that in my limited time. I really needed to get at least the rows together to get this thing off my design wall/floor or I will go insane
    I decided it might save time to do about 4 blocks at a time-maximizing my jump to the ironing board & the cutting each round together. Probably comes out the same, but I’ll try it next time, hopefully this weekend

  2. @DianeY
    Don’t cut up the Reyn Spooners! They are collectibles. What size are they? I wonder if they would fit my husband, who loves Reyn Spooner prints? Send me email if you are interested in a swap or sale.

  3. How wild is that. I made a pineapple block yesterday, had an email from DianeY yesterday about it,(who said she was doing a quilt along but didn’t say where)
    today I find your site, and there you have a pineapple quilt along!!… the stars must be in alignment! woohoo! I’ll be making teeny tiny one a day blocks, over here… 😉

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