4 thoughts on “In Which I Cry “Uncle!”

  1. i love the sketch of the peekaboo. I don’t think you’re giving it enough credit. not a cop out at all, as you’ve discovered by playing with other ideas and realizing that one really is good. gotta say though, to me these colors are all reading the same. needs a real punch of blue or something. needs zing.

  2. I definately feel the Asian theme, but I LOVE the waterfall I see, suggesting a Japanese onsen. Keep nudgin’ at it, you’ll get it.

  3. Kristin – I love the bonsai! If you are still thinking of working further on this to make it more ‘bonsai’ looking, please excuse me for offering a suggestion – is it possible for you to make the triangles quarter-square ones? This might enhance the idea you already have, by making the ‘leaves’ more bunched up, but different angles. Just my tuppenceworth! I love 12 x 12 work!

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