11 Feb


Last week I did a little purging. I’m half way through getting four boxes of reject photos down to two — or maybe even one. I also bit the bullet and emptied a box of fabric. All my army uniforms for cutting up had been in a pile on the top of my drawers of fabric, but now they have a box of their very own. So what did I do with the fabric originally in teh box?


I packed it up and sent it to Iraq as part of IBOL3, a pet project of my husband’s (and an ever growing group of like-minded people).


IBOL Guy is looking to collect 500 large flat rate boxes of sewing supplies (and maybe some knitting stuff too) for a special ice-breaker type project with local Iraqi army and federal police units.

If you are interested in participating (and I hope you are), head on over to the IBOL website for more details.

2 thoughts on “IBOL 3

  1. I was interested in sending a bundle, but I can’t seem to get the address. WordPress doesn’t get along with my computer so both comments I have made on the IBOL website has resulted no address.

  2. I sent my box yesterday, from Ontario, Canada. It was exciting to add things I thought would be useful, like new good quality zippers, and thread and needles, some wide elastic, and knitting needles and 4 balls of lovely yarn. It would be interesting to know where all the different boxes are coming from.

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