14 Oct

One got finished, one got a pretty!

Ta-da! I finished quilting the borders on Quiltstadt and added it’s binding and sleeve! That was a BIG one cross off my list 🙂

Quiltstadt Detail

And, my MIL sent me pictures from the World Quilt Competition now showing at PIQF. I think my quilt looks very nice with that pretty red ribbon next to it!

Am Rand des Omas Weizenfeld at PIQF

6 thoughts on “One got finished, one got a pretty!

  1. That’s my girl! And very nice that it was a red ribbon — to match the red train on the quilt. Very thoughtful of them!

    I get the biggest kick out of the little German flag on display.

  2. Hey Art, don´t dis the flag.. grin.. Kristin has been so europeanized she´ll be sporting it proudly.. smile.. eh? Now there´s proof.. lol
    I really like the picture as well – glad your MIL got to see it!!!

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