04 Feb

Another Bag!

Yes, there was more of the wacky Japanese/Anime/Tokidoki style fabric!

Daughter liked the more cutesy one with pink; son likes black, white, and red, natch; but I couldn’t pass up red-heads with peace signs and punky checkerboards.

I had no idea what I was going to make with it since neither kid would lay claim to the fabric, and I couldn’t handle a whole blouse made of it. But then my new focus mitts for kickboxing arrived and the fabric grocery bag I had been toting all my gear in was now too small.

So, last Tuesday morning, I whipped up this extra long tote, big enough for my gloves, paddles, and mitts, plus a pocket at each end for hand wraps and my water bottle. I lined the bag for extra stability too. Best part is, it used up nearly all the fabric, so with the total of four and a half yards of crazy fabrics, I only have about a yard and a half of my son’s left, minus the lining fabric and coordinating bits for the kids’ bags — which means my stash remains pretty much stable!

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