11 Oct

All Hail TS&WGH

My blog (and then whole web site) was abducted by aliens. That’s the only explanation I have for it’s sudden disapearance yesterday. However, thanks to my husband’s dedication to his role as Tech Support, I awoke this morning to a fully functioning blog with nothing lost!!! The reason why he’s the World’s Greatest? He’s not even in the same country as I am and he fixed it. Oh yeah, and maybe his work with our government has something to do with how he got my blog back from the aliens. Don’t ask him to tell you about it though, he might have to kill you 😉

5 thoughts on “All Hail TS&WGH

  1. I’m glad you’re back online. I thought something was wrong with my computer until I figured out that it really was your blog site. Such is life and now the aliens have been evicted and all is well again.

  2. Wow! I knew your blog was good, but it must really be great if the aliens want to take it for themselves! Did they send you a ransom note requesting a princess castle cake in exchange for the safe return of your blog?

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