07 Oct

Happy Birthday, Princess

Today was Katja’s turn to celebrate. She wanted something princessy, so we chose pink decorations and a castle cake (and each girl got to take home a plush flower).

After a royal meal of hot dogs and fries, washed down with “Kinder Sekt” (bubbly fruit juice) in champagne flutes, of course, I cleared the table and each girl decorated her own crown.

As one might expect, they used up no less than six glitter pens!

While the crowns didn’t dry due to the thickness of the glitter glue, we played a few games, like “Fischer-Fischer Wie Tief ist das Wasser.”

and the favorite, “Topfschlage.”

Then they opened presents and spent the next hour playing with ponies and dressing up.

Happy Birthday, Princess!

9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Princess

  1. Did you make that cake? It is fabulous. No wonder I am so fond of Katja — we share a birth sign! My birthday is Thursday and I want a princess cake…

  2. Happy Birthday Katja!!!!
    Can´t believe our monsters are getting this big (little sob here.. lol). What a great cake – is this a variation of the bhg one? Isa wants it as well but I was reluctant to approach this endeavour.. hmm.. any tips? 😀
    Looks like they all had a great time!

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