23 Jan

More on The Army Wife

Have you been to the Crescendoh site? Today, curator of creativity, Jenny Doh, has profiled me for her “Legato” department. Though initially attracted to my rooted houses, Jenny has highlighted my Army Wife aprons on her blog, much to my satisfaction. Check out mine and the other Legato interviews for an inside peek at a variety of artists loosely related to the mixed media category Crescendoh champions.

Thank you Jenny for allowing me the opportunity to share my work with a wider audience.

7 thoughts on “More on The Army Wife

  1. Like I said before, this collection is very powerful. It would be interesting promote the collection for a show at Army bases – for soldiers and spouses as well as all ranks.

  2. Great interview! I was moved by your commitment to do what you do without any regard to catergorizing! Keep on keeping on!

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