31 Jan

Aloha Pineapple Quilt Along: part 2


Project Introduction here

Part 1 (supplies) here.


Aloha Pineapple PDF Foundation

Above is a PDF link for the paper foundation. Make sure your printer is set to 100%. The printed square should be 7.5″ from dashed line to parallel dashed line. The linked text should open a PDF file of the same pattern. Again, print it out and you should get a 7.5″ square including the seam allowance indicated by the dashed line. The finished blocks will be 7″. Choose whichever file works best for you and your printer/computer.

Today in class we dove into paper piecing. If you are familiar with paper piecing, you can jump right in. Your biggest decision will be whether to use your solid fabrics in the un-shaded logs for a more restrained look, or to use the scraps in the un-shaded logs for a scrappier look.

If you are new to paper peicing, bear with me as I try to explain. This is one of those techniques that I think is easier to show in person and then jump in and try. No matter, the seam ripper is your friend and practice does make perfect.

The un-shaded areas will be your dominant fabric. Most of us in class chose to use our scraps here, but there is no right or wrong answer. It is your preference (block 1 mockup in my last post). The shaded areas will be the less dominant fabric (block 2 mockup in the last post).

Fold your solid fabric selvedge to selvedge and cut three strips across the width of the fabric, 1.5″ wide. This is for your logs. You will eventually need more, but this is enough to get started and then you can cut more strips as you need them. If your solid is your dominant fabric, cut a strip 3″ wide as well for those big corner triangles. You can cut your scraps into strips too unless they are already small, manageable pieces. If your block centers are going to be a specific fabric (like block 3 mockup), cut a bunch of 2″ squares. If you are using scraps for the centers, cut 2″ squares, or just grab pieces about that size.

By the way, the finished pineapple blocks are 7″ square. If you are planning on a lap or crib sized quilt 49″ x 63″ without a border, you’ll need 63 blocks and therefore to cut 63 center squares and print out 63 paper foundations. I’m playing this by ear right now. We may end up with fewer blocks and a big border, or just a smaller project, depending on how much we can get done. That’s why I think starting with a few strips and a few foundations until you get the swing of it is a good idea.

OK. I’ll give you a little time to print out foundations and to cut strips and then I’ll get to the sewing instructions tomorrow.

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  1. Well I printed out the foundation & am ready! Good thing, because it’s back to work for me today. I plan to be a weekend warrior with this! Thanks

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