19 Jan

A Baggy Bag

Echino fabric and an idea

Sometimes a fabric jumps up and says “buy me!” This one wanted to be a bag of some sort. The only thing was, I liked the leaves and flying birds but not the fantasy birds in the center. My design would have to work around that.

baggy bag

This was pretty simple to put together with simple patchwork to replace the birds and a pair of patch pockets on the inside (lined, of course). I made it rectangular because it was easy, but now that it’s finished and I can see the effect of the slouchy handles, I’d make it a more triangular or trapezoidal shape. Figuring that out is part of the process though. More often than not I don’t make things exactly how I imagine them first time out. Things required tweaking, and sometimes starting over, or another try. Refinement. In fact, looking at this photo, I think I’ll turn the casing for the handles to the inside instead of having the lining show like it does now. I’d rather see more blue birds.

All these crafty items I’ve been posting are things that have been waiting around in little piles of fabric. Their specific projects kept getting put off for “more pressing matters” until I felt like I was going to drown in things I really wanted to do. My goal for January has been to finally make all these small projects my priority and clear my mental slate for some big stuff. To date: cute tags for my kids’ storage bins so they can better put away their toys, a skort for my daughter, book bags from fun fabric for both kids, this purse for the fun of it, and annual doctors appointments for everyone — including the cat. Still to be done: a blouse for me, another bag I’m curious about, a logo for hubby’s IBOL site, fabric design for a friend, and minor car maintenance. I may get all that done by the end of the month, but if not, I’m still feeling good about the dent in the list and the weight lifted.

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