30 Sep

Herbst Fest

How long has it been since I’ve posted about a fest? Has it been over a month already? I am remiss! Although, I do think I actually skipped posting about the Wine Fest in our town a week or two ago (what was I thinking?). Today was the Heidelberger Hersbt Fest/Market. The entire old town pedestrian zone was food tents, live music, street vendors, a Floh Markt, and performances. I wanted to see how “my” gallery, Bourgeois Pig was doing (better at the gallery itself, which was on the Flea Market route, than at their booth), so I grabbed the kids and off we went.

They griped and moaned on the Strassenbahn there but some free balloons cheered them up pretty quickly:

Happier kids

We had pretzels, bratwurst, apfelschörle* and gummi bears, listened to some big band music and then found the Mideaval section where there were jugglers and a fantastic face painter.

Zavi's Dragon

Check out those flames. And the tail goes down his neck. I really didn’t want to wash it off tonight. Katja chose flowers, of course:


Gotta bring out one of the local marching bands. I love that these guys just did their thing amongst the teeming crowds. No police trying to keep everyone back, no scheduled announcement, just the thundering of drums and some really big flags (no, not the ones on the trumpets).

When we got home from this, we went to an aquaintance’s house for birthday coffee and cake, and then when we got home again, other neighbors stopped by to say hi and invited us over for Mexican food (Honey, you have taught M well). Just as we were ready to finally go home for the night, waaaaay past the kids’ bed time, the skies opened up and dropped buckets of rain and hail. Can you believe from the pictures above that this is what we came home to tonight?

Drifts of hail

I really don’t want to know what these marble-sized atmospheric bullets have done to my car.

*BTW, Apfelschörle is apple juice mixed with bubbly mineral water 50/50. You MUST try it. It is very refreshing and besides, our local radio station would like Apfelschörle to seep it’s way into other languages just as so many foreign words have found their way into the german language (my fave: “downloaden”).

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