02 Jan

2010 in Mosaic Form

In my quest to spend less time on the computer, I wasn’t going to do a New Year’s post. but, looking at so many end of year mosaics (yup, still on the computer) I was curious about exactly what I did do creatively in 2010. My photo file had a ton of travel photos — it was a good year for that! I was pretty busy in the sewing room too; so much so that it seemed easier to group the work in different categories. As I look back on my 2009 mosaic, I see I should have checked it earlier since a few things are in both years, and one got forgotten altogether.

House Mosaic 2010

Apparently the collage in the first box was actually a 2009 project, but I re-photgraphed it in 2010. The house completely forgotten is the cousin to the last two:

Heart House

I’ve really enjoyed making all these rooted houses. As a sort of nomad, the prospect of a house with roots means a lot to me. However, it’s time to move on, and as another deployment year looms, I look forward to exploring my “Army Wife” series.

Apron Mosaic 2010

Three of these have been accepted into SAQA’s Beyond Comfort show which will premier in Birmingham, England at the Festival of Quilts in August. I have a million ideas of where to take this work and hope that I can realize a few in 2011.

Twelve by Twelve continues into our third year! We are half way through a Colorplay series and are anxiously awaiting the release of our book in march 2011!

Twelve by Twelve mini mosaic

The past few years I’ve bemoaned the fact that I am a schizophrenic artist/craftsperson. 2010 was the year I tried to just embrace it and know that although I would never be marketable, at least I’d be having fun doing what I wanted to do no matter what that was. The next mosaic is most of the more crafty stuff I worked on. The tropical fabric designs carried over from 2009 as I was still trying to find a home/use for them at the beginning of the year, and I added a design too.

Crafty Mosaic 2010

Several projects were samples for my beginning patchwork and sewing class which was great fun. My students clamored for more and we’ve got an idea for the next class — which I will mirror in a sew-along here soon.

My textile art is based in quilting for good reason — I love quilts. I made four bed quilts in 2010. Admittedly, I had help with two, but that just makes the whole process better. The Zig Zag quilt was a top I bought from the prolific Wanda at Exuberant Color and quilted myself. My daughter can be found curled up in it all the time! The purple and taupe quilt was a wedding present for my MIL and her new hubby. It was a collaborative effort with my two SILs. I hope it will receive many, many years of use.

Bed Quilt mosaic 2010

So, goodbye 2010, you were a good year, and hello to 2011 — may you be just as creative!

16 thoughts on “2010 in Mosaic Form

  1. I love your Aprons Kristen! I would love to live close enough to see them up close. From what I can tell they look stunningly detailed. Wonderful work on everything else as well. You are too brilliant.

  2. As they say…Girlllll, get out of town! You were rocking the needle in ’10! And I’m predicting in a few years you’ll have a solo or joint show and most of your work will be from the Army Wife Series! And, no, I’m not channeling Miss Cleo, Sylvia Brown, or the Amazing Kreskin. I just got a feeling…:)

  3. What a beautiful and varied body of work for ONE year! May 2011 give you the opportunity for the same productivity and creativity!

  4. Those are all amazing….
    Do you/ would you ever sell your rooted house pieces?
    Would you consider submitting something to our FashionArt Fashion Show? I could find you a model.
    They are GORGEOUS. and so emotional.
    email me if you are at all interested.

    xxxooo, BB

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