28 Sep

More Stupid Rules

Katja got a magazine in the mail today with stories and puzzles and pictures and lots of sparkly pink things that little girls love. The magazine has a regular feature where they show readers’ pictures, and Katja was inspired to make a special drawing of her own. It wasn’t until after she had completed her masterpiece that I read the fine print stating that the picture should be of one one of the characters in the magazine. How creatively limiting is that? Katja didn’t “know how” to draw something from the magazine, and more importantly, wasn’t inspired to. So, I told her that if she wanted to share her drawing with other people, I would be happy to post it on my blog for her. We say “Pthbbbbbbbbbb!” to silly rules that only intensify brand imprinting.

Mama Kitty and Baby Kitty

8 thoughts on “More Stupid Rules

  1. What a great picture – the publishers of that magazin are missing out on some really cute cats 😀
    Isa likes it tons as well and called it “toll”! So BLAH to those narrow minded people.. grin… we´re much more important than those magazine people anyways so thank you for sharing yet another piece of art ;-D

  2. That is a wonderful drawing. I just love all the colors. I’m sure it is more imaginative than copying a character from the magazine. There are enough rules without adding stupid needless ones!

  3. I’ll take the blame. I subscribed to the magazine as a gift for Katja for her birthday. I guess the circulation departments are much more efficient than they used to be because I didn’t expect the first issue to come before her party.

    The magazine served it’s intended purpose and inspired her, but obviously, was limiting as well. I agree that children should not be limited if they want to draw something; look what happened with my children! So my suggestion is to submit the drawing anyway and suggest that they create a new character based on Katja’s artwork.

  4. Please tell Katja that it is a lovely picture indeed–so colorful and happy. Positively brilliant of her! Pooh on restrained creativity!

  5. Hi Mom,

    Actually, it’s another magazine which I got her a subscription to after we got her an issue at the PX. I assume the problem is endemic though. I do like your idea of sending the picture anyways and sugesting they create a new character 🙂

  6. Kool Katja!! Original work is always better than someone else’s idea of what you should do. Kool Kolors too! Keep up the great artwork….

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