30 Dec

Four or Fourteen?

30 Lines in 30 Days is long over, but I’ve been thinking about where to go next. I’d like to apply one of these line compositions to an actual quilt. I think it would be an excellent exercise to see how the transfer works across mediums (media?), and it would be an interesting opportunity to push the lines a bit further. My Lines are essentially two color, but would the fabrics need to be? Are some lines better expressed by the pattern of the fabric? Should the lines be applied or integral (pieced)? Would I use the Line composition as law, or as just a jumping-off point?

With all that in mind, I’ve narrowed down the exercises that excite me. I’m really liking the simplicity of numbers four and fourteen. Twenty-four is kind of cool too though…

6 thoughts on “Four or Fourteen?

  1. That is a tough question. I like all that you mentioned, plus a few more. I think # 14 could be really dramatic. I love 24, but all those curves. # 4 could be really fun, too. I also like the medallion ones, #21, and ……

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  3. I think both of these would make great graphic, abstract quilts. I agree that there’s lots of room with each to explore scale, color, etc. I also think #6 would be fun to play with.

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