28 Dec

Christmas Crafts

I kept Christmas simple this year. The kids got some clothes and games and I made charitable donations in the names of most of the family. But, I couldn’t stop myself from making some fun stuff for my 2 and 4 year old nephew and niece.

They have a play kitchen they like and so I went a little crazy making felt food for it!

gyoza & strawberries

Gyoza and strawberries

toast, eggs & strawberries

Toast and egg (I love the plaid flanel crust!)


A BLT — more flanel for the bacon.

spam musubi

Spam musubi. Green/black shot silk makes great nori!

Jammy pants

For my nephew I made jammy style pants to go with a cute shark tee from Target and my favorite Go Fish cards. The kids can’t read yet, but I think they’ll still have fun describing the fish and their parents can give the Hawaiian names a try!

Twirly skirt

For his big sister, an opihi tee (opihi are hawaiian limpets, or a term of endearment for clingy kids) with coordinating tiered skirt and hawaiian girl necklace.

T-shirt necklace

Finally, for my sister, a necklace made of sari yarn and t-shirt fabric. She sounded a bit dubious when she called on Christmas, but I know she can totally rock this with a T-shirt and jeans.

8 thoughts on “Christmas Crafts

  1. What wonderful goodies. Gotta love the fake felt food. I had to laugh when I just saw a FB post from Art and he said he loves Iraq. What a guy.

  2. the food all came out great. something like that would be really fun to have as a display on a real kitchen counter (assuming you have a big enough kitchen…). cute t-shirts too. I wonder why my Target doesn’t have those 😉

  3. OMG, I LOVE the felt food!!!

    The keeping it simple is SO wise. There is no better way to help keep the “entitlement attitude” minimized!

  4. You are so utterly talented…..I am just amazed. You would make a fabulous textile professor in an art school. Ever thought of that??? Happy New Year!!

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