28 Sep

You Are All Invited!

Here it is — the official announcement of my show!

I am actually giddy right now. Since quitting work as a graphic designer to follow TS&WGH around the world, I’ve never been sure if I’d actually want to go back to the stress of creating “on demand” and meeting crazy deadlines. But I have had such a great time designing this card (and helping Dijanne get her book printed) that I’m wondering if design truly was/is my calling. (Not that I’m going to give up the quilting — no never!) I could be working on the border of Quiltstadt, but I couldn’t wait to make the final changes to the card and get the files to Kate. I have a great feeling of accomplishment burning the files to a disc and wrapping up a “package” for the printer. Now is the nerve wracking wait to see if I sent it all correctly and to see if it rolls off the press the way it looked in my head and on screen.

So, if you are in central Germany any time between December 2nd and February 2nd please stop by Bourgeois Pig and see my quilts in person!

10 thoughts on “You Are All Invited!

  1. i´ll try to get there – i´m so curious to see the great quilts live. i think we have a few days off after christmas, and heidelberg seems to be a good plan for a weekend-trip. 🙂

    wishing you the very best for the show!

  2. I’m expecting a sneak peek while on babysitting duties…. Does this mean I can hit you up for corporate identity work if I manage to get myself set up to consult??? 🙂

  3. The invitation looks great. There is nothing I would like better than to be in Europe in December but it’s not in the books this year. I hope you have a great show.

  4. Congratulations with your exhibition! Enjoy it. It was nice meeting you with your kids in VdA (very brave, taking your children, mine would never have wanted to come).

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