26 Sep

A Crafty Day

After I finished quilting the houses, I set “Quiltstadt” aside to let my fingers heal, and to finish “Raps.” Then I got side-tracked by some hexagons I had hanging around as take-along hand-work. They were originally intended to be part of “Fliegenpilz I,” but were just too much. I think I have a good piece of fabric for them now, and I’ve had a couple of take-along opportunities in which I made significant progress.

Hexagon Pilze

Now I can get back to quilting the borders of “Quiltstadt.”

I also made a pincushion for the Pincushion Challenge today. This time, the theme is Recycled. I decided that I’d sacrifice the 80s Dress for the occasion, and pair it’s femininity with a now equally out-dated testosterone-laden uniform.

To the scrap pile with you both

I had grand ideas of adding something with popsicle sticks, then it just became a fabric bowl actually cut out of the uniform with a peachy cushion inside. Then my time alloted I decided on pure simplicity and ended up with this:

Nice for a total cop-out!

As long as I was sitting at my sewing machine with pretty fabric, I decided I could make a desperately needed bag for my camera so it doesn’t get scratched in my purse(s). I checked one of my Japanese craft magazines for inspiration and was inspired to add a strap to hang it on my jeans as well. It’s a little big for the camera as I wasn’t sure how much ease I should allow for he thickness of the now-quilted fabric, but oh well. Better too big than too small.
This could be pretty handy

6 thoughts on “A Crafty Day

  1. one day i know i’m going to come across a Kristin Creation in a chic boutique…well, not that i visit chic boutiques that much, but hey! i did say one day ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. great fabrics – another reminder for me that I have yet another project Iยดve been wanting to tackle (where is that list.. lol) – the water bottle carrier that Kathy made for the Whiplash challenge.. sigh.. will there ever be enough time in the day? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. i like so much your pincushion & the camera bag is so beautiful !!!!!

    i’m so happy to discover your web blog and your creations !!!

    sorry for my bad english !!!


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