24 Sep

Wald Ameisen (forest ants)

Following Sidney’s advice on where to find big ants, and knowing that our week of sunny weather would probably be coming to an end soon, I planned to take the kids to the “woods” today. The rest of the neighborhood kids went to the movies, and my deeming the movie unsuitable for my delicate flowers is probably a major cause of this:

Grouchy Zavi

He’s also upset because we’re going to the woods and he’s left his “feste Schuhe” (tennies or other non-sandals) at the neighbor’s house and they have already left for the movie which he can’t go to. Lucky for us, I forgot my camera and when I went back for it, I saw that Oma was still home and she retrieved the shoes 🙂

Things are improving slightly, but he doesn’t want to walk with us:

Stomping through the woods...

A certain other child IS, however, enjoying communing with nature:

Cute wiggly baby worm in need of a leaf blanket

We happened to stop to picnic at a bench which was coincidentally surrounded by ants about twice the size of our previous ant farm inhabitants. Zavi was, by now, into the whole adventure and we rounded up ants by the dozen. Unfortunately, these forest ants are quick and after collecting a dozen or so, it was hard to add any more without a few escaping at the same time. I think our final count was 18, including two that got injured when I put the lid back on.

Ant Farm with forest ants

It wasn’t long before we realized that these, too, could escape through the air holes as well. Having read that ants use little oxygen, we resolved to tape over the holes and just open the lid each day for air exchange. Not being much of a Supermom I didn’t have tape on me, so I had to sit on a rock with my fingers over the holes while the kids played in the playground near the woods. Hopefully, these ants will work out for a while and I will be able to post pictures of cool tunnels soon.

3 thoughts on “Wald Ameisen (forest ants)

  1. ha ha ha.. I am picturing you sitting and covering the holes with your fingers – is there a limit to what a mom will do???? I think not.. lol…
    hey, why don´t you just poke new holes into the tape strips with needles – they should be leaving small enough holes for them not to escape and still get some oxygen in if there are enough of them.. And I think I´ve seen a needle in your house.. maybe even two? I´m certainly glad you found some bigger ants so I don´t have to feel bad about your poor children having to spend another dreadful sunday outdoors.. lol..
    Hopefully we´ll see tunnels soon!

  2. My guess is that having one parent is getting old for the kids (and Mom, too!). they just need a change of adult supervision.

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