23 Sep

“Raps” Done!

This is how I spent my day today:

Sidney and Silke crafting

OK, you’re right, neither of these ladies is me, but imagine two more at the table and you have our day today. The weather was gorgeous, so we spent a very gemütlich Craft Day sitting on Silke’s balcony stitching. Sorry that I forgot to get the camera out before Tanya had to go, though. Tanya worked on a Christmas cross stitch, Silke organized some fabrics and knitted, Sidney cut out squares for a swap and showed off her first attempt at free-motion quilting (excellent results), and I sewed binding on “Raps.”

Raps quilt done

Sammy thinks it looks pretty good! I didn’t want to have to bury the ends of all that wavy line quilting (and I didn’t have my top fused or otherwise attached to my batting), so instead of Melody’s Escape Hatch finish I decied to try Marla Hattabaugh’s invisible binding which I found through a link on Brenda’s blog, Serendipity and the Art of the Quilt. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out, and happy to have another tool in my bag of tricks.

Here’s the back kinda close up. My busy backing fabric really makes everything disappear. Basicly, it’s your usual French binding, but instead of wrapping it around the edge of the quilt, you pull it all to the back of the quilt so nothing shows on the front. To facilitate this you don’t go around the corners with the binding, you just sew on two opposite sides, pull the binding to the back, and then sew on the other two sides.
Another detail

“Raps” is the german name for the rape seed plant that canola oil is made of (it sounds nicer in German than the word rape which has connotations not applicable to my quilt). The crops bloom in spring and late summer/fall and the bright yellow color is really dramatic. I especially like the contrast of it against the often-grey skies in Germany, and the ocassional red regional train going by really makes the colors pop. On this quilt I have sunprinted actual raps flowers, log cabins in raps colors, and seed stitch which could literally be the rape seeds or just look like the scattered blossoms.

8 thoughts on ““Raps” Done!

  1. you know what? When I was taking the shot with you, Raps and Sammy of course, I didn´t get to appreciate the beauty of the sky above the raps field and earlier I paid more attention to the bottom fabric you had sunprinted for this – glad I used my morning coffee to check it out again, this time without concentrating on getting the whole quilt on the photo or any other distractions – gorgeous!!
    If think you should have posted the “Kilroy” picture though 😀

  2. Kristin, you are SO talented. I just love this. I’m loving all the details and you really are a master at combining subtle hand embroidery with machine quilting. Now, what about that interesting white train image on the red? How did you do that?

  3. not that i´m surprised to see something wonderful on your blog… 😉
    this quilt is awesome.
    it´s always breathtaking how you make art from everything you touch.
    no wonder you´re an award-winning quilter! you deserve it!

  4. Applause and Awards!!! Wow…beautiful quilt
    I love your imagination and the gift you have to make it all work.

    ahhhh……. the emotional life of an artist (: who would trade it for something different?? not me (:

  5. What a stunning quilt Kristin. The movement of the quilting over the top is really striking. You’re going to need a show when you come back to the US so we can see these beauties in person.

    I’m intrigued by the binding technique, definitely going to check that out.

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