10 Dec

Lines 30

Lines 30 -- brush and paint monoprint

I thought on my last* day of making lines, I’d do something that transitioned to fabric and stitch, so I did the dashed line composition. I didn’t like it, and I still had time left in my allotted 15 minutes, so I made a monoprint. I’ve been chasing the elusive skinny line of dribbled paint (you know, the cool, loopy lines of paint often found on sidewalks). It’s a viscosity thing, and I can’t seem to replicate it on a small scale. I wiped teh flicked spots off my monoprinting glass and just scribbled with my paintbrush. It’s not the elusive lines, but it’s a happy bouquet to say thanks for 30 days of exploration!

It was fun trying out different mark making tools and seeing how they reacted to the cloth — seeing not only what marks I could make, but which ones I was comfortable with and which ones I would not return to.

Where to go next? I want to keep drawing. Probably not every day, and not on fabric. *I will try my best to at least doodle in my sketchbook several times a week. I think I can do that and I know it will be good for me. As for these exercises, I think I will sew them together and use them to practice some free motion quilting on my machine. I hope to take one of them and, inspired by Joe Cunningham, see if I can translate it into a lap sized quilt. The exercise in scale will be informative, and translating line into fabric will be interesting as well.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed your line making…I like making lines with cuts from black construction paper a couple of times a week. And I didn’t know Joe the Quilter had a blog…I’ve been tempted for years and years to buy his quilting system.

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