10 Dec

Recipe Search

I know this is a little late, but maybe it will help for next year. I am on a quest to find a recipe (in English or German) for THESE Lebkuchen:

I am pretty sure they are Odenwälder Lebkuchen. They are breadier than the stuff used for gingerbread houses and iced hearts, and they are not as nutty/lumpy as Nürnburger Lebkuchen (which are baked on a wafer and iced with sugar or chocolate. So, NO lebkuchen like this:

Which is, of course, the problem. All the recipes I’ve found seem to be for the sticky Nürnburger style with candied citrus inside, or for the shaped and iced American gingerbread. There is a possibility that the ones I’m looking for are the same as, or similar to, Aachener Printen. Perhaps I have a german reader who can set me straight…  or send me a recipe…

4 thoughts on “Recipe Search

  1. I guess you mean Honigkuchen or Sirupkuchen (like “Hamburger braune Kuchen”) – at least it looks like that. The Odenwälder Lebkuchen is pretty much the same, at least if I remember it right.

    I’ll get some pics from my receipe-books & e-mail them to you!

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