09 Dec

Lines 29

Lines 29 -- paint and a nice round brush with a good point

Wow, I’ve almost done it — 30 lines in 30 days (and only a few late ones). I’ll sum the experience up with #30. This one was inspired by the pattern of mineral deposits on the underside of a freeway underpass. In hindsight, I think the thin ends converged more in real life, which did add to the compositional coolness of them, but whatever. More importantly, I played with thick and thin using a paintbrush, and that makes me pretty happy. The verticals with neat little crossbars are inspired by a scarf I saw a lady pull out of her purse at lunch. You never know when inspiration will strike, nor what form it will take.

One thought on “Lines 29

  1. I think I’m going to have to start looking at the undersides of the overpasses from now on! I usually only notice the grafitti!

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