09 Dec


Just because someone’s quilt style is different than your own, it doesn’t mean they can’t inspire you. I started following Tonya Ricucci’s blog years ago, and though her color palette is far brighter than mine and I think she considers herself a fairly traditional quilter whereas I call myself an art quilter, I have found her work to be totally inspiring.

First it was strings, which kept linking to Tonya’s friend Bonnie’s blog and then led me to make a String Lonestar quilt. Now Tonya’s making one and it looks like it will be awesome.

Now I’m hooked on making a medallion quilt inspired by this.

Somewhere in the middle, I had to get on Tonya’s letter bandwagon too. Which, is what this post is all about.

Pieced Letter Pillows

Inspired by her word quilts, I made pillows. My four letter words are house-related though. Four pillows with four words, each reflecting a place we’ve lived. HOME was a given.

Haus Pillow

Then HAUS for our time spent in Germany (I used some of my German Blaudruck fabric too).

Casa Pillow

CASA is for Arizona and our Southwest beginnings. A little Seminole piecing nods obliquely to the American Indian influence in the west as well.

Hale Pillow

And finally, HALE means house in Hawaiian (note the vintage palm tree fabric too).

I was inspired by Tonya and just ran with it, but for those who like a bit more instruction, she’s written a book!!! When we were at the quilt show in Houston, I had the opportunity to take a look at it. This is definitely one for any piecer’s library. I’m planning on buying it as a reference book for my quilting students who want to try something different, but are still looking for a little hand holding. Tonya explains in words, diagrams and examples how to make letters and words and encourages readers to go with the flow, enjoy the process and make their projects unique and personal. There are fun examples and three projects too. In essence,  Word Play Quilts is inspiring.

10 thoughts on “Inspired

  1. This is SO fitting! And I love how you incorporated the appropriate fabrics with the meaning of the words….so cool!

  2. We each may have our own style, but what I notice is that every time YOU complete something your style continues to morph and expand. An artist for sure! I have SO much to learn

    Your pillows are awesome Kristin.

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